Procedural generation for a dodge game

Discussion in 'Game Development (Technical)' started by Kranker Apfel, Jun 19, 2017.

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    Hi everyone !

    I'm working on a game where a cube have to dodge wall and collect bonus (see screen capture below). I've created a function called spawn_objetc(type,x,y) where type is equals to "bonus" or "wall" and x,y is the position vector. Walls can appear only on top or on bottom screen (so only two position on y) and bonus can be spawn anywhere in the screen.

    My question is how can I make a generator() function to spawn randomly walls and bonus without it's impossible for the player to collect bonus and dodge the next wall ? My game must be an infinite runner. I've already think about a timer to manage walls spawning but I don't want exactly the same distance between each walls, you understand ?

    SCREEN :
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    basicaly you would like to make something like audiosurfer

    provided that there are no dead ends and you would like to just not spawn the score item infront/behind of a wall

    you basicaly need a DATASTRUCTURE(a list/circular array/ something more complex) to keep track of wall and score items, and their location on the field: ( add items to it when you spawn them, erace when that item is collected/destroyed/ is beyond visual range)

    You will have to parse the newest additions to them, specifically their locations to avoid bad spawning of the wall or next item

    spawncycle can work with a recursive caller to try several times to spawn the item if it's location is invalid

    when possible to spawn scoreitem
    call try 5 times

    function try int several
    if several=0
    random roll a scoreitem's spawn location
    check it is not infront or behind a wall
    if its ok then
    spawn it
    otherwise try several-1 times

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