Problem Importing FBX file into Unity 5 from Anime Studio 12 Pro (Moho)

Discussion in 'Game Development (Technical)' started by avinsinanan, Jan 8, 2017.

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    I am having as issue exporting FBX files made in Moho 12 (Anime studio 12 Pro) to Unity 5. Please allow me to explain -

    1. I created an animation in Moho 12 (a simple man dancing). At the beginning of the animation I offset his limbs and bones so one limb would not affect the other. Please note I created the art in InkScape first and them imported it into Moho 12 Pro.

    2. Of course I put his limbs back together and did animation from frames 1 to 40. Everything is perfect from frames 1 to 40.

    3. I exported the animation as an FBX file.

    4. I imported thee FBX file to Unty 5.

    My problem -

    When I view the FBX file in Unity 5 all his limbs are offset (i.e. his limbs are separated for the entire animation), even though his limbs are in the right place in the MOHO preview.

    Anyone ever experienced this problem in Unity 5? Any ideas of what can be done?

    I have uploaded the FBX and MOHO file at these links in the event anyone wants to take a look



    Thanks in advance.

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