[PIXEL ARTIST WANTED] For a League of Legends Based Visual Novel Game

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    Hello wonderful and talented pixel artists of the world!

    I’m currently the producer of Big Steps. We are in the beginning stages of developing a Visual Novel Game that will be released on April 1 for an event called NaNoRenO (a month-long game jam). It is based on the game “League of Legends.” Our team currently consists of 17 members spread across 6 teams: art, writing, coding, music, marketing, and voice.

    We have several people who have a large presence across various areas:

    - [ANONYMOUS FOR NOW] (one of the most popular YouTube/online celebrities in the League of Legends community, with over 400,000 subscribers)
    - Jaerika (an artist with a beautiful style and large deviantart following: http://jaerika.deviantart.com/ )
    - Justin J. (a music composer; one of the top students at DigiPen for his music. DigiPen is ranked #3 in game design programs across America according to Princeton) realsounddesign.com
    - Barzini (our marketing expert; he’s worked with most of the big name Kpop companies, including SM Entertainment, YG family, JYP, etc., as well as USA corporations like Warner Bros.)
    - Zebulun (the composer for Phase 4 Interactive - http://www.phase4interactive.com ; a professional company that creates amazing games, websites, 3D animations, and so on)
    - StudioLessonGuy (a great background artist! You can see some of his background speed arts here: http://imgur.com/ghnNP4h,28h7t8a,piXYB8k,jOJq0ta – there are 4 images in that imgur album)

    The reason I’m reaching out to you artists is to recruit those who’d like us to create awesome dungeon graphics over the course of a month. The PR team has come up with a very detailed outline of how to maximize audience perceptivity of this visual novel.

    This game is completely free to the public so no revenue will be made. Unfortunately, that means there is no monetary compensation; however, I believe this would be a great opportunity to exchange services. I am confident that our game will attract a lot of attention in the League of Legends community, which boasts 67 million players playing the game a month (in comparison to Candy Crush, which only has 46 million monthly players).

    Riot Games (the creators of League of Legends) is very responsive to fanmade works, and they have spotlight opportunities for those who create above and beyond fanworks. In addition, there is a facebook community with over 40,000 active members called “League of Hunnies” – I am well connected with the admin of the group and should have little problems with publicizing this game to that group.

    If you are interested in working with a big team of talented people, please e-mail me at bigstepsvn@gmail.com for the fastest response.

    -Big Steps

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