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    Hello, my name is Tobias Reußwig.

    I'm a professional translator, mostly doing English -> German for literature. I've translated articles, poems and a novel, which you can find here:
    http://cargocollective.com/joeycomeau/Lockpick-Pornography (English page)
    https://www.luftschacht.com/produkt/joey-comeau-lockpick-pornography/ (German page of the Austrian publisher)

    I have a Master's in literary theory, but wrote my Bachelor's thesis on the narrative potential of video games.

    While I haven't worked in games so far, I have been looking around and would like to add this: I'd hate to just translate an excel spreadsheet. I'd like to deliver the best translation possible, and for that, playing the game and having a chat or two with the developers should work best. If all you want is the raw text translated, that can be arranged as well, but if I like a project, the chances are good I'll offer a discount.

    Please contact me via email: Tobias(at)Fixofabsurdity(dot)de

    Rates depened on the amount of text and the challange it offers. A two-hour 8-bit golf simulator will be a lot cheaper than an RPG set in a dystopian future full technobabble.
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