[PAID] Looking for Composer to create soundtrack for Immortal Doctrine

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    Hello all,

    We just wanted to thank everyone for your submissions, it was certainly nice to hear such a wide variety of artistic styles.

    We'd also like to apologize for those who we were not able to reach. There were quite a large number of submissions which made it rather difficult to interact with you all.

    Regardless, we'd like to thank you again for your time and intrigue towards our game.

    We'd also like to wish you all a good rest of the year as we'll be spending the rest of ours working diligently on the game.


    Thomas W.


    We are Grand Scheme Games and we are currently looking for a music composer for our game Immortal Doctrine.

    Here I’ll list some important details regarding our needs for the game and walk you through the process we’ve created to make the best music for the game we possibly can.

    It’s a lot of information, but it’s important :D

    Key Elements

    Our plan for Immortal Doctrine is to have it become a powerful new IP in the realm of current competitive RPGS.

    Therefore, ensuring the quality of music given what we can afford is key.

    Currently the game is about 70% complete and in order to take care of a solid 5%, we need music and sound effects.

    We’d like to go back to a period of time where music was most iconic and memorable. When constraints forced composers and developers to make their songs rich with melodies that were easy to learn and get stuck into people’s heads.

    We wish to have something of this nature for the Immortal Doctrine main theme.

    So the first thing is a main theme with a rich Melody.

    Another element we’ve been exploring is that of a strong Leitmotif. A musical signature of familiarity that will instantly remind players of our game as soon as it is heard.

    We’d like to incorporate this leitmotif throughout the other musical scores in the game when appropriate.

    So the second thing is a main theme with a strong Leitmotif.

    The final thing we want is music that encompasses the mood and feelings of the game and characters.

    In general, the world of Purgoria is cursed with darkness and pain, but despite that, it has a side of bright vivid color and whimsical-ness to it.

    It’s important to reflect that parallel in the soundtrack as much as possible.

    So the third thing we need is a blend of Grit and Whimsicality.

    The Process

    We’d like to go about preparing the music in whichever way you feel most comfortable.

    But to make things easier for you, I’ve went ahead and made video samples for all of the areas that involve music tracks.

    With exceptions to the intro portion of the game explaining the story and the final theme, all music needs are pretty stand-alone.

    (We’ll talk about the intro pieces and final pieces later on as they are slight exceptions)

    The process is as follows:

    I have prepared videos of the game. The videos contain music that I have been temporarily using to stand in. The music i’ve used conveys the general theme and in many cases the speed, rhythms, tempos and overall feelings that I want that specific area to have.

    We can use the videos as a discussion point.

    However, the second purpose of the videos is to provide you with a resource to compose your music to.

    You can just mute the video and watch the gameplay as you come toward an inspiration for what music you believe would work very well with each scene.

    Total Musical Needs

    Here’s a list of the music we will need for the Demo (and eventual full game). We’re estimating that the demo will require about 40 min to just shy of an hour of music. This includes sound effects which we’d like to work with after the core music has been made. We estimate that the full game soundtrack will be close to around 1 and half to 2 hours.

    1. Immortal Doctrine Title Theme

    2. Immortal Doctrine Gentle Theme (Same song, but light version)

    3. Immortal Doctrine Heavy Theme (Same song, but heavy/impactful version)

    4. Faraway Fields

    5. Faraway Town Theme

    6. Highpeak Hills

    7. Highpeak Town Theme (Will need normal and slowed version of it)

    8. Shop Theme

    9. Gentle Town Theme

    10. Secret Theme

    11. Boss Theme

    12. Time Dungeon Theme

    13. Herezal Theme (A.k.a Theme of Destiny)

    14. Divine Theme

    15. Devil Theme

    16. Mortal Sin Challenge Theme

    17. Cutscene Happy Theme

    18. Selection Theme (Also known as Theme of Choice)

    19. Restful Theme

    20. Game Over Theme

    21. Sleep Theme

    22. Copula Theme

    23. Bastille’s Theme

    24. Guild Theme

    25. About 4 min worth of sound effects (likely at a maximum)


    We may have discussed this already, but we’d like to run a trial. In this trial, We would provide you with a few video samples of the game and with it, we’d like to ask you to compose a few short musical samples to the best of your ability.

    The trial will include samples for:

    • Faraway Field Theme

    • Secret Theme

    • Divine Theme

    • Demon Theme

    The purpose of the trial is to gauge your approach toward four different soundtracks, each with every different moods. We believe that this will help give us a holistic view of whether we believe your style fits.

    Feel free to check in with us whenever you can to get feedback as submissions are accepted infinitely until we make a final decision. (In which we will provide you with a week’s notice)

    After a trial period, our team will be evaluating the pieces and based on factors including the music and other factors like personality and work ethic compatibility, we will choose someone to be our musician.


    We’re aiming to complete the Demo as soon as early next year. And so we’d like to be able to have the pieces completed before then so that we can coordinate the game’s components and prepare our marketing campaign.


    We're working on a $10,000 budget for our demo. To keep things transparent. $3000 have gone into environment art, $4000 are going into characters, objects and UI, $1000 have gone into programming elements which leaves us around $2000 for music.

    We've calculated that we can afford a maximum of $50 a minute for music at this point.

    Given this, we'd like to have all the tracks we need, but are also open to exploring other ideas that can help make the cost reasonable for us and the the work fair to you.


    We'd like to be able to purchase the music and utilize it as an IP of Grand Scheme Games ( especially given that we want the music to represent Immortal Doctrine).

    Naturally you're name will be always be featured so that people know that you are responsible for the great work.

    Before we get into anything serious, we will be drafting a contract and ensuring that everybody is happy before committing to anything.

    Game Sample Video

    Enjoy! However there is no volume because the music and sounds I used in the game are being borrowed for testing purposes and do not belong to me.

    My apologies for the video quality, it's bad in the beginning, but get's to where it should be (somewhat) by the end.

    Last Things

    If you have any questions (which is completely expected), feel free to email me at twill14@gmail.com

    Also feel free to check out our site at www.grandschemegames.com

    What we're making is very special to us and so we hope that we share it with someone who can also see the greatness and feel the love in our game as well.

    We’re looking forward to making Immortal Doctrine the best game we can and hope that you’ll be able to really make it even more special with us.


    Thomas Williams

    Grand Scheme Games, LLC.
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    Some have pointed out under the Licensing part that what I've described resembles Exclusive Right, however, I can't make the edits to the page at the moment (because I kept going back to make detailed edits) So just a heads up for people just seeing this now.
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    Ah and one other thing to mention for people, the styles and types of music we're aiming for are styles similar to that of games like Skies of Arcadia, Tales of Phantasia (Ymir Forest is a special favorite) and the OG Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and the first Nier (not automata) soundtracks.

    Very melodic, with a nice jig, a slight tinge of folk, while accompanied by a general whimsical theme.

    Something from the PS2 and Gamecube era of music.

    For those of who may remember, the game shares a slight soul with games like the Secret of Mana series.

    I hope that these examples provide you guys with a stronger idea of what sounds we're aiming for. However, that preference is not necessarily hard set.
  4. SeatBack

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    Oct 4, 2017
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    Hi! I've sent you an email. Its form paish.d@gmail.com. Would love to hear back!
  5. Luke Johnson

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    Oct 4, 2017
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    Hi, I'm very interested and sending you an e-mail now.

  6. Thomas Haaristo

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    I'd love to make music for the game, although having to do those trials might get very time-consuming, considering the chance you might not get accepted over someone else.
    If possible i'd like to talk on a live chat and discuss through, i've recently made massive improvements to my overall sound and would like to work on a game!

    I am extremely interested and if possible please add me on discord (Fen#1005) Unless you have already found someone.

    Thank you.

    - Krian

    P.S: I've sent an email aswell.
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    Hello, I’d love to help you with your game. I’ve been making RPG music for quite some time now. I sent you a email if you would like to know more. My email is mrenvy17@gmail.com
  8. John Hagley

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    Not sure if you're still auditioning music composers, but I just sent you an email. Would love to work on this game!

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