[Paid] Hiring music composer (exclusive license, composer retains master selling rights)

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    My name is Jonathan Menard, creator of upcoming indie game Crisp Cube. Crisp Cube is a survival puzzle game about eliminating cubes. This is an active puzzle game, not a chill out puzzle game. (Eg, think Tetris, Lumines, and not Braid).

    I am looking to hire composer(s) to create music for my upcoming game. The songs should ideally be 2-3 minute game loops.

    The work is an exclusive license which means
    1) Crisp Cube Entertainment Inc. holds the rights to all the music
    2) Composer has the rights to sell the masters on their own (Crisp Cube OST). I will not sell the masters on their own.

    In terms of mood, I am looking a variety of energetic yet relaxed atmosphere in the players.

    Words to describe what I'm going for:
    Psychedelic , Energetic, Cheerful, Groovy, Funky, Rhythmic

    Artists most similar to what I want:
    Daft Punk
    Tame Impala

    Steal my sunshine - Len
    Sazh's Theme - Final Fantasy XIII

    The successful candidate will have a portfolio of songs on soundcloud that I can listen to or equivalent.

    I do not pay hourly rates, I pay fixed rates for songs or time length. You can be paid directly via paypal, or through a third party site if you are more comfortable (however they take a huge cut usually). I am true to my word in regards to payment, however I can provide references of artists that I have already paid if you need evidence of payment. These artists are located all over the place (ie, not my local friends).

    Please email jmenard@crispcube.com with your soundcloud / portfolio.

    Good luck!

    Note: I already have main composers, however I listen to everything that is sent to me. If I do not reply to your email it means I am not interested in hiring you for my game, you could be awesome at serious orchestras and blues, but this is not what I am looking for.

    Tips for those applying:
    1) I go by what I hear, not what you say. If you say you can do a style, then put it in your portfolio :)
    2) When reading your email, I am generally just looking for a soundcloud link, and nothing else
    3) Do not spam emails asking to hear back please. I will let you know, I promise I listen to everything.
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