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    Hi everybody, this is a game I'm developing mostly by myself. Only the first level is playable right now, and there's a lot to be done yet.

    P-UP is a frantic action game in which you will be challenged to neutralize successive waves of enemies and face powerful bosses at the end of each stage. Use all your skills and get all the upgrades dropped by your opponents to boost your shots or even to summon ally drones on the battlefield! Also, do not forget to use the double jump and dash to avoid enemy attacks and gain combat advantage.



    Pup is a dog with psionic powers that works as an agent for a secret military organization. In one of his risky missions, the agent eventually thwarted the goals of the most dangerous military faction in the world, led by Dr. Schwein, who vowed revenge at any cost. Now the megalomaniac pigs return to settle the score with Pup, creating a plan to threaten his family. Help the canine fight the war pigs!


    Main features

    Frantic shooting
    Land and air enemies attacking in different ways
    Nine different power ups
    Bosses with unique attacks
    High doses of humor

    Plans for next releases

    Nine bosses with unique skills and attacks;
    Shmup-like bombs;
    New characters in the best cartoon style;
    Levels with increasing difficulty;
    Game menus;
    Score system.

    Try the demo at Gamejolt.com
    Vote on Greenlight Steamcommunity.com

    This game is still in development and can be changed.
    Support the game and share!

    Keyboard/XBOX360 Controller

    W,A,S,D/Analog Stick - Movement
    K/A - Jump - Skip Dialogue
    J/X - Shoot
    L/B or RT - Dash/Dash-Attack
    Enter/Start - Skip cutscene

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