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    Hello eveyone

    I wanna introduce my personal project named NOWhere first time. I posted earlier briefly with only screenshot, but now, I attach more detail description and video.

    This story is about journey of three kids that have own purposes respectively in near future. Big chatter Matt, meticulous Glenn, and suspicious girl Abi. Im gonna design this game based on 3D action adventure game. It includes action, puzzle, and storytelling, widely used as game grammer in adventure game. But I want to focus on storytelling with breaking 4th wall technique so that user can concentrate as surroundings not observer, like movie deadpool or house of cards

    Key features
    * Natural transition between third person view, fixed observing view, and cutscene camera.
    * Basically it follows platform game grammar but user can select or change game flow.
    * User activities affect game environment so user can choose strategy
    * Action plus puzzle gimmic
    * SD cartoon style matt and glenn, And realistic characters and env including Abi
    * User real space, user game space, other players game space are concept of parallel universe. By the async network, game env is affected from other spaces.

    * Genre: 3D action adventure
    * Game mode: Network based single play
    * Platform: PC, MAC, PS, XBOX, Switch
    * Engine: Unity

    First video: this only shows mood in the game. Not represent final game. (Many art asset is purchased)

    My original area is programmer, so if you wanna contribute in anyway(Especially art) it might be great help. Even it is correcting my english [​IMG]
    Ill keep update as soon as possible.

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