New indie game: The Days After

Discussion in 'Feedback Requests' started by SGameStudio, Nov 16, 2015.

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    Nov 16, 2015
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    The days after is about the time after the apocalyps, you start out as a lone survivor searching for a community.
    Once you have found a community you have to search for supplies and rescue other survivors that are in danger or simply seeking a community aswell.

    Once the community is too big for its current location you will have to relocate the community to a more suitable area, There are many location to choose from all with their own pros and cons.

    Every survivor has their own set of skills that can be usefull within the community whether it be medical or mechanical skills.
    Each community location has facilities that can be build and upgraded, from watch towers to farming facilities.

    The world is full of zombies from slow and weak to armoured soldiers.
    hunting them down is a good way to gather ammunition and weapons, there are alot of different weapons to fight with wether it is melee or ranged.

    Here are some screenshots:






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    We are looking forward to all the suggestion and feedback!
    Thank you for reading.
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    To be honest, I don't think the world needs one more of the same Zombie Survival type of game. This topic is so exploited, you just can't innovate, just copy. I mean, I am not even interested in this type of game in the first place, although I can tell you many similar games of that type right off the bat, because there are just so many of them: DayZ, H1Z1, 7 Days To Die, 7 Days, etc., etc.,etc., etc... And even 4 more, but I can't remember the exact names.
    Besides that, everything you mentioned in this post is already implemented in other games of this type, so why would I play this game instead of those others with bigger community and more experience?
    Sorry, but I think, this is going to be a huge letdown, especially if this won't be a huge grindy MMO, that at least satisfies one type of people, who would play any game, just to grind.
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    Sep 5, 2015
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