Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

Discussion in 'Game Development (Technical)' started by Martin69, Aug 12, 2017.

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    I am a novice game developer. Currently working on a small game project made by myself. I can deal with graphics, but with coding and blueprints I have some problems. All that I need is to make a simple quest system, nothing too complex. I will try to explain what do I want to make and if someone knows any tutorials, forum threads, tips, pieces of advice I would be very grateful.

    P.S. I am making a FP game, not a shooter.

    So basically:

    1) Player walks to an NPC or other thing like taskboard.
    2) Finds an available quest, takes it.
    3) The mission is to find 3 objects: A, B, C.( A HUD displaying these objects for player)
    4) Player found object A. This object disappears from the HUD.
    5) Player found all the remaining objects, delivers them to a certain point, the quest is completed.
    6) After completion, another quest is unlocked and can be activated.

    A good example of what I want is the newly made game Ben The Exorcist, where player needs to find some items in the house and then place them to finish the exorcism process.

    I know that I am maybe asking for too much, but I don't even know where to start or how to start. As I said I can easily make a nice looking map, objects, entities, somehow animate it and so on, but I really need a lot of help in the "coding/blueprint sphere".

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    Honestly the best advice I can give for this kind of task is to always start right with the data after you've got such an excellent and precise goal like you have!

    Something I have used before which really with a having light data set was the use of something I've always seen as a global_data_tags library table.


    Then you'll also want to work on a dialog data structure as well to fuse in with this. That way multilingual upgrades are a breeze :)

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