Mythic Rising, Castlevania-inspired Infinite Scroller? [Beta]

Discussion in 'Feedback Requests' started by zarthas, Apr 7, 2019.

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    Hello, thanks for taking time to check this! I am a long-time lurker, and I think this is my first post here. I think we're almost done with this one, but I've been staring it it so long I have no idea what anyone else's opinion would be on it. We've put together a small Android project that answers the question "What if flappy bird was made with stuff from a heavy metal album cover rendered in pixel art?"

    It is only on android right now, with an opt-in beta. This means you need to have a Google account to get to it. If anyone would like, I can throw up an APK you can run yourself.

    We are currently serving ads to it as we specifically want feedback on what your experience is with them, but I don't know if other people find this acceptable. I'd be very interested in any feedback around that.

    Mythic Rising
    It really looks much cooler in motion!
    Game URL:

    It is sort of like if Flappy bird were Flappy Manticore, and set in a Castlevania-inspired Dark Forest. There's enemies, obstacles, and some status effects.

    Controls are really simple, just tap to flap the wings on the manticore.

    Avoid ramming into trees, and avoid Skull-o-wisps. You can eat the Blood Ravens.

    System Requirements: Android 4.0+, ChromeOS compatible (I will gather information on required version).

    Feedback Details:

    I like where the difficulty is at with this game, but I am very interested in what you'd have to say about it.
    • Is there enough player feedback for concepts in the game?
    • Does it make sense to avoid the skulls and eat the birds?
    • Is it apparent that you should be avoiding the obstacles?
    • What could I do about it?
    I've never messed with Ads in a game. I was going to disable ads for testing, but I really want the indie gamedev's opinion on the density of Ads here. Personally, I don't mind interstitial ads like this, and I despise banner ads. Other people probably feel very differently.
    • Should there be longer time between Ads?
    • Should I just do like, a flat counter between ad views? Skip every other death, only show ads on 3rd death?
    • Should it be maybe based on clock time since last ad?
    • What do you guys do for this?

    Known Issues:
    I'm not aware of any bugs at the moment, but we had some issues with funny terrain generation and pop-in with obstacles, please let me know if you are still seeing anything like that!

    Really pretty much any feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks very much for your time and taking the time to help out another developer!

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