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    Hello, surely you came here for someone who commented to you, some promotion that you saw on discord or on some page, and maybe you are not aware of what this is, let me explain... We are a group of indie developers who are creating a videogame which seeks to bring together different genres of videogames and not to be encased in one, although it should be emphasized that this project will be mainly focused on the rpg. This project will be used as unity engine and as a graphicsgale text editor.

    But what about the server?

    On the server, can talk about what you want, and later in the development of the game and even decide some decisions of this. (and if you have the skills to help us in the same way)


    1 ➢ Spam is prohibited, it is divided into two categories:

    Chat (Flood or the usual spam)

    Social networks (Youtube channel, etc.)

    2 ➢ Respect to be respected:

    Insults (Insulting or mistreating a user)

    Mentions (If someone bothers you do not mention it)

    3 ➢ It is forbidden to use a nickname similar to that of the Staff

    4 ➢ Talk about the topic corresponding to each channel

    5 ➢ It is strictly forbidden to send NSFW in the form of images or links

    6 ➢ It is forbidden to pass other discord servers

    7 ➢ It is forbidden to place insults or any NSFW reaction in discord reactions

    8 ➢ Prohibited the black humor and the speech of subjects of high controversy

    9 ➢ Use the bots in their respective channels

    10 ➢ Identity impersonation is prohibited in the Discord

    11 ➢ The improper use of bots is prohibited


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