MALICE - Salem Witch Trials

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    WHAT IS: MALICE - Salem Witch Trials

    MALICE is a Third Person adventure, based in Salem, Massachusetts, during the time of the infamous Witch Trials. The player takes control of the main character: Elizabeth, who is honored as one of the last true witches. The player's and rather, Elizabeth's goal is to end the Salem Witch Trials once and for all, and unexpectedly turns to by way of war. The gameplay is set in an open world SALEM, Massachusetts. At first, the plan was a level based, and linear system. But, due to the script, and story, it's open world will be similar to popular series Grand Theft Auto. The size of the world is undetermined because we want it to be a big size, but not too big that the player gets lost, and bored.
    Features, Which are explained more below.

    • Open-World​
    • Magical Combat​
    • Melee Combat​
    • Linear Decisive Storyline​
    • Magic Limitations​
    • Stealth​
    • Relationship Progression​
    • Online Combat Mode​
    • Side-Missions, That MEAN something.​
    • Free Roam​

    Playable Characters

    Elizabeth, primarily. *There are times when you play as other characters temporarily.
    Witch Hunter - For sure, Online. For Witch V. Witch Hunter. If time is on our side, a Witch Hunter story mode, or atleast free DLC.

    • Salem - WGN Series​
    • The Witcher​
    • Tomb Raider​
    • The Last of Us​


    Open World, will feature an accurate representation of Salem, Massachusetts, and surronding areas. No loading screens, (except on startup), all is a connected world, in which the story will take place.
    Magical Combat​

    For Elizabeth, and any character that is a witch, will have a select variety of magical abilities, that range from Fire, Possession, Telekinesis, Channeling, Nature, Weather. (Currently in Mind). There will be limits to the use of that ability, and it has yet to be decided if it will be limited according to where you are.
    Melee Combat​

    Under debate, at the moment on whether we're going to allow witches to have melee attacks. But the Witch Hunters do have melee attacks, from punching, kicking, takedowns and stabbing.
    Linear Decisive Storyline​

    This is also under debate, because we don't want to add things just to add them, but this system will challenge the player verbally, and dialogue wise, in which can change things in the story, but nothing permanently changes, unless time is on our side.

    Online, will be in the final base game, and it will features only a select few modes, that are currently planned. (Player count may change for optimization, and Map Size.​
    • Witch V. Witch Hunter - A mode dedicated to PvP up to 8 V. 8 combat between the two classes. Classic Gun V. Magic.​
    • Witch V. Witch - A mode dedicated to PvP up to 8 V. 8 combat between the classes.​
    • Total War - A mode dedicated to PvP up to 12 V. 12 combat, equivalent to Free-For-All.​
    • Notoriety - A mode dedicated to Witch Hunters catching witches, and witches evading Witch Hunters, The hide and go seek of Malice. PvP to 8 V. 8.​
    • Free - Online Free Roam. Open to 24 Players.​


    Your identity as a witch is very secure. What you do as the player with the character requires for you to be very careful, the player must note that if someone sees them doing suspicious activity, their notoriety rises negatively, and the more it rises the more talk and rumors the player can hear about them throughout the whole town, and once that limit is completely reached, they will be bombarded at a randomized time and taken into to be executed.​

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