Looking for UNITY/UNREAL programmers for a Psychological Horror game!

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    Hello! I'm currently hiring others for a Five Night's At Freddy's Horror game (FAN Game).
    These roles being for Programmers (Unity or Unreal), we currently are hiring up to 2 (NEEDED).3D Modelers that can mainly create characters (Organic Modeler) and that could also potentially create simple objects (NOT REQUIRED). As of the Sound Design role, we would need specific sounds that could fit in the GORE genre as this game is gore heavy and puts the player in uncomfortable positions.
    If you're willing to support our team in creating a scary and unsettling game, please contact me:
    Email: shadyaboelnasr@outlook.com
    Discord: Sleepy#5850 (recommended)
    Payment: EXPERIENCE (unpaid)
    Game Info:
    Title: Isn't it all that Important?
    Game Genre: Psychological Horror
    1980's... you and your friend are having a fantastic birthday party at Freddy Fazbear's. It's at the end of the party, and your mother is outside of the restaurant thanking everyone for coming. Your friend went to go find a piece of his chocolate ice cream cake and has been gone for a while. (YOU) as Jacob need to find him, you eventually see a door almost closed with a crack of it open.. Blood everywhere, children tied, and all you did was watch.
    Game Details:
    This is a psychological FNAF game that depends upon tension (always being watched) and uncomfortable situations. You as the player have to live the life of Jacob after watching his own friend die, not being able to sleep, nightmares, sleep paralysis demons that try and consume you for what happened, played on repeat on what you saw. He's grows into a deep depression as he can't let go on what happened.
    This game will be GORE-HEAVY and will have vivid violence mentally and psychically of the characters so we're gonna need some talent to scare the players!
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