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    My name is Hamza. I am looking for two texture Artists (Originally I was looking for one but my character modeller told me we need two).

    Project Title:
    The Brotherhood



    My Part in the project:
    I am writer and I shall be contributing to the team in the area of developing the characters, dialogue, plot and overarching story lines. The majority of the team works locally and are able to communicate and plan efficiently. However, for our remote members we communicate via Skype.

    Project Details:
    The game will follow two detectives who are partners however, the player may only play as one. You can either take the game at a slower pace and be more analytical. Deciphering clues and connecting the dots with each other. Or you can gun loving maniac and basically shoot everything.

    The game will be in third person and have a very dark and serious atmosphere. The game will be released episodically so that we can be in constant touch with our player base and also it will not put too much of a strain on a new team.

    The game will involve trying to solve a series of murders related to a credit card company but as the player delves deeper into the mystery. He or she will soon learn that these murders will lead them to questioning the very core of modern society.

    The project will be following of recording everything we ever do in the game design document. We will also be registered on several other sites will provide the advantage of organisation to the team and other teammates can know what is going in the project so that they may not lose heart that everything is stagnant such as Github, HacknPlan, etc.

    Expected Revenue:
    This is a unpaid collaborative project. Once the game is finished and being sold all revenue that is earned by the team will be distributed equally among us.
    Revenue is uncertain, but we plan to reach a successful estimate once we make more progress.

    Schedule of Work:
    We are still university students so we have to juggle our academic life and this project so in order to ensure that they do not collide with each other. We shall be operating on Fridays and Saturdays only.

    Friday -> 3:00 pm (UTC +5)
    Saturdays -> 12:00 pm (UTC +5)

    Current Roles Taken:
    1. Writer
    2. Concept Artists
    3. Game Designer
    4. Weapons Modeler
    5. Character Modeler
    Roles Currently Needed (These are in order of most important to least important)
    1. Texture and Mapping Artist
    2. Rigger
    3. Animator
    4. Environment Modeler
    5. Level Designer
    6. Scripting Programmer
    7. AI Programmer
    8. Game play Programmer
    9. GUI Artist
    10. VFX Artist
    11. Composer
    12. Voice Actors
    Contact Details:

    If Interested please contact me at: hamzakhanis@hotmail.com

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