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    Hello, my name is Jack. I represent SymmetryGames as the lead 3D artist and Director of Prevail, our latest game concept. The reason I have decided to post this thread today is because our studio is currently looking for a project manager. Currently, I am the director of Prevail, however, we are now looking for a new talented person who is ready to push the boundaries of modern game development. I will explain in more detail what type of person we are looking for specifically.

    Basic Story/Details:

    Prevail, as I stated before, is the game we are currently working on. I especially am a huge fan of 3D RPG games. We decided to create Prevail based around such games as DarkSouls and Skyrim. Prevail is set in a specialized medieval/dark age fantasy open-world. When we say RPG, we intend to include the full package. This means our game will include: Magic, Monsters, Medieval Fighting, Fantasy Weapons, Creatures, Adventures/Quests, Castles, Dragons, and more. We intend to create graphics that align with our principle of pushing the boundaries of modern game development. This means realistic graphics. Players play as a specific character, with the ability to customize certain attributes. The most important detail regarding the main character is his/her ability with pyro-magic. The main character is extremely skilled in using fire in many ways. This is very much incorporated into his/her fighting style. Although the player’s character is skilled in casting fire, their overall form is rough. Because of this, the player must learn to control their ability, or the consequences could be detrimental. Because the character was so powerful, society rejected him/her. At this time, the character is considered a “wanderer”.
    When the player begins the game, it starts with a cutscene where their character is traveling up a mountain in search of a new home/life. A few seconds later, the character drops down in the freezing cold. Luckily, an old wise man lives in the mountains right by. The old man takes the character in and gives him medicine. After a little lore, the character/player eventually gets his/her first quest from the old man and begins playing.
    The big and extremely important twist in the game’s plot becomes evident roughly half an hour into the game. Essentially, the entire world’s border is what is known as the Frost. The Frost is a giant, deadly, blizzard that slowly moves in, consuming the huge world. The Frost moves in over the period of roughly 80-150 in-game days, although, that is subject to change. (1 Game Day=24 minutes). If a player or other life form stands in the Frost or near it for more than 30 seconds roughly, they will essentially die. On top of being able to battle, upgrade, and explore the vast world, the player eventually must save the world from certain doom. The metaphorical Frost symbol was countered with the player/main character being a pyromancer. We are currently open to any ideas and additions to the storyline.

    Who are we looking for?
    We are looking specifically for a project manager to take on the role of directing the game. Although the person we choose will have much creative freedom, I will also still work with them to make sure we maintain the clear vision I have for the game. The person we choose will be responsible for the following (with help of course):

    *Working with me on directing the Kickstarter Animated Teaser
    *Working with me and others on the rewrite of the GDD (We finished another one, but I feel that it's not exactly what we need.)
    *Working with our Marketing Expert on Kickstarter Backer rewards
    *General Daily Management of making sure everyone has something to do.
    *Finding areas where the studio lacks in required resources.
    *Working with me and our studio’s CEO to find methods other than Kickstarter and the Unreal Engine DevGrant to fund the game (Only if needed).
    *Other specifics I will detail in email.

    The project manager should have experience with at least 1 other successful video game, preferably an RPG similar to ours. The project managers average week varies, however, a reasonable 15 hours a week or less is about how much will be needed. Our studio is very flexible in this area so time is really not the largest problem for us. The Project Manager needs to express that they have strong central leadership and can work well with others.

    The Current Team:
    This is the current team the project manager will help to lead to success. One side note, we have recruited more artists for the Kickstarter Animated Teaser.


    Lead 3D Artist: Jack
    Secondary 3D Artist: Aitor
    Character Artist: Will
    3D Artist: Carlos
    3D Artist: Graham
    Concept Artist: Andrew
    Concept Artist: Stanislav

    Programmer: Darathis
    Programmer: Dan


    Gavin: Lead Composer
    Brylon: Secondary Composer


    Marketing Advisor: Ivan

    As I stated before, multiple new artists will be added including animators.
    Currently, sadly, we have next to no funding for the pre-production/Kickstarter Teaser. We would love to find a stable method. The project manager will want to be able to work well and possibly research methods of pre-production funding.

    Other Details:
    The game has currently been in pre-production for the last 3-4 months. We have established a few things for certain, however, we are looking for another person to take on some of the responsibility of management. Currently, we are working on the Kickstarter Animated Teaser. We are beginning work on the concept art for the teaser. The new artists will be a large factor in the teasers development. After we finish the teaser concepts and the actual teaser scenes, we will finish up planning for the teaser marketing. All social media is already setup and the website should be done shortly. We plan to Kickstarter in 3 months or so. The Kickstarter is estimated at roughly 100-150 thousand. After the Kickstarter completes, another month in between will be added to prepare for initial development.

    How to apply:
    To apply for the position of Project Manager, please send an email here: magdstudios@gmail.com
    with details about yourself as well as the reason you are interested in this project and also any work you have done on previous games.

    Thank you to all who may decide to apply for the project manager position. It should be noted that we may have missed a few key important details in this thread. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us here: magdstudios@gmail.com

    Thank you for your time, - Jack

    Social Media:

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/symmetrygamesco/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/symmetrygames/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/SymmetryGames

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