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    Hello Indiegamer!

    Prosopon is a small independent dev team formed by talented individuals worldwide. We are seeking talented individuals for the development of our current project, The Town.


    Prosopon is an small indie development team focused on the creation of immersive and deep experiences for players. Deep experiences that not only entertains players, but shares one or multiple messages.
    We see videogames as a really young and rich medium that has a lot of unexplored fields, that is on a state where artworks are starting to born from a medium that not so long ago was only seen as simple entertainment.

    Our biggest philosophical points as a team are transparency, collaboration, and openness. Therefore, in order to archive these points we give quite a lot of importance to organization.
    You won't find in us another Skype/Discord managed independent team, nor a team where you don't get to know what people is up to.

    Are you looking for a committed, serious and ambitious team?
    Don't doubt to send us a message, even if there are no open positions for your profile!


    Deeply focused on player immersion and experience, we are in front of an small-scaled realist open world adventure-simulator game placed on a small rural town during the 18th century where players will be able to make their own stories based on their actions.

    We are trying to innovate the adventure genre by adding simulation aspects to it, such as the pass of time, where the story won’t wait for the player and will develop itself even if the player does not interact.

    The Game

    -Graphic Adventure/Simulator

    -Focused on realism and immersion

    -Deep narrative-based

    -Small scale open world

    Project Lenght

    -2 months until 1st alpha.


    -Cash-out after being funded.

    -Budget sharing after it. Rev-Share as an alternative option to Budget sharing.

    The Perks

    -Awesome talented people to work with

    -An open and transparent environment where your voice is heard

    -Share and gain knowledge with your teammates

    What we expect from you


    -Understanding of programming for games

    -Passionate about programming gameplay mechanics

    -Experience with C++

    -Previous knowledge of/Open to learn Cryengine V.

    -Comfortable working via the internet and learning new workflows

    [3D ARTIST]

    -Understanding of 3D art for games

    -Experience with game engines

    -Passionate about photorealist 3D art

    -Generalist (preferred) or Modeler/Texturer profile

    -Riggers and Animators are not necessary at the moment, but will be taken into account

    -Comfortable working via the internet and learning new workflows

    Please, if interested contact us with the title “(Programmer/3D Artist) – (Your name)” at:
    jobs (at) prosopongames (dot) com

    Or leave a post over here with information on how to reach you.
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