Looking for help with project! (Free now, hopefully paid later!)

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    Hello everyone, looking for a couple people to help with a project that is currently
    being worked on. This is a project to bring a old game mascot back and better than ever
    in full HD beautiful and wonderful glory. It's a project aimed to be good enough to revive
    the franchise and get funding from a special company to create the fourth title in its
    The game i'm talking about is of course... GEX. And the company... Square Enix.
    For now as i've said on the title, it's a free project. However, if all goes well, the
    project members will get paid in the end. This project is aimed to provide the fourth game
    in the series to light, re-introduce Gex into the gaming world, and hopefully bring a new
    crowd into the series as well. As of right now, there are a couple members already working on
    it but very slowly. There are however, two members, me, and Roy, who are working on it frequently.

    Our main goal at the moment is to create a 1 level "Demo" so that we can start getting the process
    of getting funded going and So the reason we are doing the demo is to obtain rights to the franchise, as we don't have them
    and can't do anymore without them. This is done by Square Enix's wonderful Square Enix Collective program.
    What it is is a program where indie devs can make a game, advertise it on their site, and if it
    gets alot of community votes it is funded by IndieGoGo. And as of February of last year,
    they are allowing indie devs to work on a new installment for a few old series. One of which is Gex.
    So, what the plan was was to at the very least make one level that we can make a demo of and showcase
    it to Square Enix. If they and/or the community likes what they see, we will be funded by IndieGoGo.
    The type of people we are looking for, are as followed.
    Sound Engineer (Positions Filled)
    Character Modeler
    Texture Artist
    Asset Creator
    Probably another Level Designer or two
    A couple Programmers
    3D Artist
    Level Designers
    Music Producer (Positions Filled)
    And of course, eventually, some testers.
    If you would like to be a part of this project, or at least try out.
    Please contact me at
    Orion_Parfrey@yahoo.com with your resume and/or RoyTeal96@gmail.com
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    Jul 16, 2014
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    The positions for Sound Engineer and Music Composer have been filled!

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