Looking for Beta Testers for my RPG / Dungeon Crawler game !

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    I just finished the 2nd Alpha of my Dungeon Crawler game, codenamed Dungeon Breaker.
    It's inspired from Dungeon Master and other Dungeon Crawlers of the 80's and 90's, but with a modernized combat system inspired by recent RPGs & MMORPGs.

    Here a couple of screenshots ; visually, nothing is final (ie: this is mostly programmer art, only placeholders till some artists actually create all the needed stuff), but it gives some idea of what's going on :


    The goal of this Alpha 2 is to find a few people willing to do Beta testing during the development of the game.
    It's important for these people to have :
    - good analysis skills
    - played at least some MMORPGs, and/or RPGs, and/or Dungeon Crawlers (preferably Dungeon Master from 1987, Might & Magic saga from the 90's, World of Warcraft, or Legend of Grimrock), or possibly some Hack and Slash games
    - could do about 1 hour of test per month till end of this year (if only 50% of this, it's still ok, though)

    This topic shows well the kind of feedback I'm needing : http://www.wowhead.com/forums&topic=226072 .

    I'll need mostly feedback on :
    - level layout (ie: is it interesting to explore the dungeons, level after level)
    - combat system (ie: is it fun & challenging)
    - puzzles (ie: are they too hard or too easy)
    - boss fights (ie: do they bring a plus)

    So if you're interested, let me know in this topic or here (if you prefer private reporting) : http://www.managames.com/mail_en/?subject=Dungeon Breaker Beta Testing .

    Download link for the 2nd Alpha, featuring a test level that should offer you between 30 minutes to 1 hour of gameplay :
    http://www.managames.com/download.php?DungeonBreaker_iga2.rar [~43MB]

    If you have any comment about this Alpha, don't hesitate to write them in this topic ! :)

    - you need a good 3D card to play it ; a 6 years old $300 card, a 4 years old $200 card, or a 2 year old $100 card should be ok
    - if the FPS are low, lower the quality in the config tool at start, and then press 'Esc' during game and lower "View Range" in "Video Options"

    So the game engine is done at ~90%. It mostly misses :
    - all handling of special abilities & talents
    - hotkeys
    - color highlighting in tool-tip (bad stuff in red, good stuff in green, etc...)
    - a few little stuff here & there
    - more variation for the enemies' animations

    And of course, it still misses all the content :
    - some decent dungeon environments (I did the current ones and I'm not an artist, in case you didn't notice :cool: )
    - 20 different kind of enemies
    - a bunch of bosses
    - a ton of equipment and enchantments
    - 20 levels to explore
    - 4 classes & all the talents & abilities for your party members
    - menus
    - more sound FX
    - a good bunch of visual FX
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