Leveling Up Mechanics in an RPG

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by ItsNotEmmi, Jun 28, 2016.

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    Hello everybody. I'm pretty new at game developing and I was hoping to start creating an RPG in the near future. I know that in games like Pokemon, for example, you can level up so that stats such as attack, defense, health, special attack, ect. increase, but I don't really grasp what actually happens when those numbers increase. How do these numbers multiply to make the player more powerful? When I first started thinking about making an RPG, I thought I would structure it so that a certain attack would take a set number of HP off your opponent, but this doesn't seem very efficient if I wanted to do a leveling up system. Thanks in advance for answering!
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    Wow, there's so many ways to answer that question! Just as there are so many ways to implement algorithms around fighting in an RPG. If you level up, your attack power could increase so that every attack takes MORE HP off an opponent. On the other side, the characters / enemies could have a defense power that subtracts from the attack level so that it reduces the HP that is taken.

    You can get a lot of details about how it's calculated in Final Fantasy games here. But it features complicated systems. You can also check out games like Paper Mario which are much easier to swallow because the numbers are lower. You can also study Dungeons & Dragons' system or wrap your head around RPG Maker, which is great tool for making jRPG similar to old SNES era RPGs.

    In any way, since you're just getting into game dev, I would suggest first and foremost that you keep your mechanics and designs very very simple and to the point. You don't even necessarily need level ups. Maybe just going after new pieces or equipments will be quite enough to carry your story and get your characters to fight stronger enemies. Start with the story and ask yourself what you need to carry it through. How do you want your characters to evolve through the story?

    You can also try a little game I've made with RPG maker to get an idea of what it can do. It takes around an hour to go through.
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    I would do something along the lines of:

    a physical attack (e.g. sword slash, bow & arrow etc) would reduce the opponents health by a value relating to the weapons power multiplied by the characters strength attribute which would increase with levels.

    similar for magic items if that is an option in your game.

    you may need to divide this power * strength value down, so that it fits into the range of your opponents expected health, this prevents the player only needing one hit to kill anything.

    Hope that helps,

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