LAST STEP! Looking for Game Designer/Level Designers for Parachronism Order of Chaos Game

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm Javiera Stephanie from Ninja Vault team. Currently we're working on a 3D Action RPG game called Parachronism Order of Chaos.


    The game is set in ANCIENT CHINESE ERA. It involves time travel element of you who came from the modern era. You are familiar with Ancient Chinese things such as the custom, the tradition, the fashion, etc. It may sounds easy since you've known all those. But is it? You will be faced to an order of time chaos.

    This game has a STRATEGICAL element which requires you to "Think before You Act". You, despite being a newcomer, has become another person in that ancient era who unfortunately has the responsibility to solve big things. Though you've watched and play games that are set in ancient era, still things aren't as simple as it sounds.


    You are just an ordinary girl who lives in modern times/era. But you are not satisfied with the world. Crimes everywhere. Cries, stress and frustration are all over the place. Suddenly when you’ve just come back home and sit on your chair to doze off, your head feels dizzy. You thought a ghost or something is trying to enter your body. But not until you found yourself black out.You open your eyes and found yourself sleeping in a bed that’s clearly not yours. There’s no mattress and everything is dark. You walked out to check everything out and found out that you’re involved in a terrible problem: a parachronism, that will bring you into time chaos.

    Parachronism: Order of Chaos is a 3D Action RPG with social simulation system as one of its elements. This game is created by a new indie game developers around the world. Though indie games are always thought to have lower quality, we confidently present you with fine arts, fine sounds, and of course a great game!

    And now, we've finally reached our last step in the game development which means, other parts are done. Here's more detail about the progress:




    1. Level/Game Designers (0/3)

    a. Job Description:

    b. Age Requirement: 17+

    c. Skill Requirement: (Able to do the same style as the screenshot below) plus the skills to put the game elements together

    d. Software used: SourceTree, Unity3D,, HipChat, (optional) Trello, (optional) Google Drive





    1. If you quit midway, your share would be cut based on how much work you've done

    2. Being passive all of a sudden when you've joined without any clear reasons is intolerable. You'll be kicked out of the team after you're given 3 warnings and you've been away without any information for a whole week


    1. You can head to our website to apply for a role

    2. You can also send an email to with these information:

    a. Full Name:

    b. Date of Birth

    c. Where you are from:

    d. Motivation:

    e. Resume (Optional):

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