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    Hey there!

    First of all, I would like to say thank you for looking at this thread!

    As you know, much of the world is now in a digital era, and with that programming jobs have surged.
    Programming is a necessity in our world now. It is a skill that people have to know! Previously, programming or coding was looked down by many people because many thought it was "nerdy". However, with the digital market boom, programming is now a valuable asset that many people want to acquire, and many businesses are looking for programmers that they can hire. There is a very large demand on programmers, yet a very limited pool of programmers. Just like this skill, many others have come into widespread use, and it would be great to learn at least one of these skills.


    This is a training team that will work on various projects and such to increase individual and group skills. For now we are focusing on programming mainly. In the future we may expand to different areas such as designing, marketing, etc. In the programming sector, this team strives to teach others about how valuable an asset programming is, and programming in itself as well. This programming will start out very basic, and then gradually shift over to a more advanced level of programming.

    This training team will focus on a few key objectives...

    Key Objectives

    - Help people to learn to use a skill fluently
    - Create a group of people that can be more successful in life
    - Create a group of people that can start earning money early on
    - Help people get jobs
    - Create a supportive and helpful community
    - Teach valuable skills

    What will be taught?

    Great Question.

    Skills Taught

    - Programming [almost every language (php, javascript, c++, c#, etc.)]
    - coming soon!
    - coming soon!
    - coming soon!
    - coming soon!

    How skills will be taught

    - Online personalized teaching websites (ex. Codecademy)
    - Online Instruction Manuals (ex. PHP Manual)
    - 1 on 1 lessons
    - group projects

    Benefits of joining the team

    - Learning a valuable skill
    - Higher chance of success in life
    - Higher chance of getting a job
    - A community that will support you


    As for Communication we are looking to using either Discord since it has the lease CPU usage, or a different video call/messaging app.

    Staff Members

    Director: dragon_hunter888
    Head of Programming: Open
    Head of PHP:
    Head of Javascript:
    Head of Java:
    Head of C++:
    Head of C#:
    Head of C:
    Head of Python:
    Head of Ajax:
    Head of MySQL:
    Head of LogoMaking:
    Head of Designing:
    PHP Manager:

    As This team is still relatively new, there are many positions to be filled in as you can see.

    If you are interested in applying for staff please follow the application below.


    Please state whether it is a staff or member position you are applying for.

    Basic Requirements

    - Intermediate or above level in a skill
    - Good Leadership
    - Good Managing Skills
    - Being Level Headed
    - Being good at keeping a group under control
    - Helpful
    - Not Toxic

    Staff Application

    Staff or Team Application:
    Particular Skill:
    Skill Level(Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced):
    Additional Skills and Levels:
    Discord(this may change)[please include the username and number behind the #]:
    Other Messaging and Video Applications:
    Reliable(yes or no):
    Level Headed(yes or no):
    Non Toxic(yes or no):
    Managing Skills(Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced):
    Leadership Skills(Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced):
    Previous Staff Positions if any(position and organization):
    What can you bring or contribute to this team?
    Why should you be accepted(A few sentences):

    This is just for the interview process.
    You may not be accepted. However, you can reapply after reviewing your application and fixing the problems.

    If you are interested in applying for the team please follow the application below.

    Team Application

    Staff or Team Application:
    Particular Skill:
    Skill Level(Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced):
    Additional Skills and Levels:
    Discord(this may change)[please include the username and number behind the #]:
    What do you wish to learn?:

    Thank You,
    Krypton Training Team

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