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    Pioneering Studios mission is to set the bar for quality games and provide games that people want to see and invest in.

    Mission Statement:
    Pioneering Studios mission is to set the bar for quality games and provide games that people want to see and invest in.

    Company Goals:
    Develop Best Quality Art Develop Best Immersion Experience Develop Complex Gaming Strategies Develop Interactive Stories that evolve to game play

    About Me:
    I have been playing video games since I was 6 years old and am a first generation computer nerd. I had a grandparent whom work for IBM and I always was able to play on the first computers with monitors. In high school, I begun taking computer programming classes and during that time I developed a text based game using C++. In college, I changed majors from Computer Science to Electrical Engineering because at the time everyone was getting a computer science degree. I now work for a large software company who designs electronic design tools as a consultant.

    I am a Christian man whom values hard work and always learning something new. My priorities in life are God>Family>Myself>Others.

    My reasoning to want to start a company now over the last several years companies have decrease the complexity, decrease the quality, and decreased my enjoyment out of video games. If we are going to pioneer our way into the future, then we need to create the best quality games out there.

    About Pioneering Studios:
    What is Pioneering Studios looking for?

    We are looking for people who want to invest in the Idea that makes Pioneering Studios the Pioneers of the Game Development Industries. In our eyes there are multiple ways to invest.

    Time > Money

    How do I invest time?

    I realize that there are many people types of people in the world we live in, but not all were designed to be Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, ect... This opens the doors for many people to help contribute in ways never thought of before. We want to pick peoples brains about ideas artwork and what story we are trying to put together. We also want the community to help drive our decisions.

    Am I the right fit for Pioneering Studios?
    What I value in a team is the following:
    • Loyalty Honesty Doers Achievers Listeners
    • What I do not want are people whom are unwilling to learn from one another.
    How do I know that Pioneering Studios will do a good job?
    • I want a program who benefits the people doing work. Programs that pay hourly salaries are great, but your only invested so much into the business. My thought is that a percentage of all of the sales is divided to all the contributors on a per sale basis. To me this means we will all be pushing to make a better quality product to increase the sales.
    I don't know anything about developing games in the gaming industry?
    • I have an engineering background, but I lack the gaming industry knowledge myself. I want like minded people whom are willing to learn and do what it takes to make this a success.
    What types of games will Pioneering Studios make?
    • When I was younger my favorite games to play were first person shooters. As I have aged with time I value team based games and RPGs. I want to mix game types I have enjoyed in the past to make something better.
    About Team:
    • Writer: 3
    • Music: 5
    • Programmers: 3
    • 2D Artist: 3
    • 3D Modeler: 4
      • Environment 1
      • Charactor 1
      • Rigger: 1
      • Animator: 1
    • Marketers: 2
    • Announcer: 1

    If you would like to participate in any of these roles, then please email me as it says below.

    About Projects:

    The team is currently working on game code named Project Arachne. This is a 3-4 month project. This is a free game that we will give the community as a proof of concept. Its a online team based game that requires precision accuracy. If you want to see the Alpha 0.1.002 Alpha Build then please contact me privately. This build will be released on 3/1/2017. We are about 2 months into the project.

    Project Code Name: Project Brontes is our second project, this is a game we will sale. This is a 1-2 year project In order talk to anyone about this game we will require an NDA.

    Project Code Name: Project Cerberus is our big project, we are expecting this to last about 5 years an NDA is required to talk any more about this project.

    My Role:
    I will be engaged in all parts of the development for the project and I will learn to do what ever is required. I ultimately want to turn this into a business one day with those who help as upper management.

    Project Management
    Game Design Lead

    The goal is to sale a product and let all see Return on Investment (ROI). My initial Sales Strategy is the following.

    75% - Company Money to be used for licenses-computers internet an other required expenses and pay for salaries as we can bring people on Full Time.

    24% - Dispersed to all Team the calculation will be as follows:
    Individual Contribution/Total Contribution

    1% - Bonus for Idea being chosen

    I want the initial team to determine at the time crowdfunding begins.

    Risks & challenges
    Determining Initial Project: I want this to be a group effort where each of us present our ideas only after an NDA is signed protecting both the Company and the individual for their Intellectual Property.

    Tools: I want to be able to purchase what the team needs to be successful example, laptops, software licenses, and some may require internet. This will require me to actively pursue investment options. I really want to try to see if crowdfunding can truly help us.

    Group Size: We need a diverse knowledge in order to make the project a success. In order to obtain this we will have meetings early to discuss what would be required to make the project a success.

    Intellectual Property: All will sign Mutual NDA's which will protect the individuals IP unless through a Team Decision we all decide to begin work on this project.

    Additional Question: Contact me at
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    Initial Project Bronte's Concept Art

    Project Arachne Initial Classes

    Project Arachne Map

    Project Arachne Gun Mechanics

    Project Arachne Engineer Model

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