it takes an artist to know an artist

Discussion in 'Music & Sound Portfolios' started by matmilne, Oct 23, 2008.

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    You gotta give the guy credit; he's spawned multi-page threads on a (relatively speaking) quiet message board. Usually it takes a C++ vs. Java-type debate to do that.

    The only problem is that all the heavy-handed rebellious undertones are a dead giveaway that this guy is just a kid. And by "kid", I don't mean 12. That's the kinda stuff that's WOW AMAZING INSIGHT when you are like 18 or 19, but when you get older you come to terms with it and learn how to work through it.

    Same with the "I don't care, your words mean nothing to me, work speaks for itself, etc. etc. etc." that comes out every time someone busts his balls about something. Young guys love to bask in the awesome power that apathy brings, but when you get older you start to find more constructive methods of doing things. Like being able to post a port without flinging anti-establishment rhetoric every other second. Not that we disagree, we've just already heard it a million billion times in our lives and it's no longer an exciting discovery to us. Why the fuck do you think we're doing indie stuff?

    Anyway, I'm just busting your balls a bit, Matt. It's fun; it takes me back to when I was 20. You have a smart, but inexperienced brain, and I hope the work you find allows you to put it to good use as well as grow as a person.
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    Quick response to Nathan,

    I think the information you've put in this post is very valuable. Like you said, it's disappointing when honest, well-meaning and helpful advice is overlooked, but I think a lot of other composers looked at this thread and came away with some great info,
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    are you part of the mafia by any chance? I've only ever heard the term 'busting balls' in Goodfellas...
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    I can only add: it was long before when I loled so much while I was reading a topic like this. This guy is awesome! :D As we say in my country: he should be invented if he wasn't already here... ;)

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