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  1. iPlayuPay

    iPlayuPay New Member

    Oct 23, 2015
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    As games owner it was continuously daily fight for me to bring players to my games and more then this to try to make them stay long enough that they might love one of my games.
    I paid a lot of money advertising my games and without much effect.

    The advertising statistics was as following:
    * For every $100 that you spend on advertising, your game will attract 500-1,000 visitors.
    * Every 500-1,000 visitors will lead to about 50-100 new players.
    * Out of the 50-100 new players, only 5-10 players will continue to play your game the following day.
    * Usually, out of the 5-10 players, only 1-3 players will continue to play your game after a week — and only rarely do players become Core Players.

    Core Player
    Core Players are a goldmine in the gaming industry.
    These are the players who play your games regularly and offer suggestions and ideas on how to improve your games.
    Furthermore, they report bugs and refer others to your games. In other words, they are active members of the community.

    The need and the idea
    I was looking for platform that I can use to bring Core Players to my games and I found only advertising platforms.
    So I decided to build new platform that allows Games Owners to pay instead for advertising their games they will pay to the players directly for playing in their games for at least 5 minutes, filling game reviews, inviting friends and completing missions for extra bonuses.
    The platform will verify everything automatically and will make Win & Win situation between Games Owners and Core Players.

    Introducing http://www.iPlayuPay.com
    Now game owners can directly contact core players and pay them to fill out game reviews, inviting friends and simply spread the word about a game.

    I will be glad if you help me spread the word about my new gaming platform that come to help Game Owners and Core Players.

  2. Sideroxylon

    Sideroxylon New Member

    Nov 1, 2015
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    Thank god, I don't create games to grab people's money out of their wallets, but to express myself through the art, called gaming.

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