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    Top of the morning to you all!

    I'm just staring out on my wild ride of game dev.
    I've learnt some codes and watched some videos or programming art and game dev and now putting together a game plan for my first game (apart from pong and a txt adventure).

    I'm stuck on a couple ideas for an upgrade and would like to hear your folks opinions. I'm leaning towards option 2 myself because it feels like i could have a-lot of fun here but who knows..

    Basically the game is a tower defense game kinda like plants vs zombies where the enemies come at you from off the screen however in this you are atop a wizard tower centered screen and enemies coming both directions, i'm thinking 5 rows on the ground and up to 2 - 3 on in the air.

    you attack by clicking or tapping and the wizard will shoot electricity (or fire or ice etc depending on upgrades)

    i would like to make a bunch of spells and you can have 2 or 3 on a quick slot in game usable by Q W E or maybe a drag n drop for mobile (depending which way i wanna dev the game) but they use alot of mana.

    so i want upgradable walls on towers, spell damage, maybe pets to give a boost to something or maybe adding other A.I wizards to help fight etc but this is all for later after i have a basic game going.
    i don't want to overwhelm myself :)

    The upgrades i'm stuck on though are the wizard and spells, as you kill you receive coins or some kind of magical currency which u trade for upgrades between levels or between deaths.

    I' going to allow spell damage to be upgraded and also the wizards clothes BUT i got an idea

    the wizard will have a hat, robe and staves
    hat: will give mana regeneration time
    robe will increase max mana
    spell: increase damage of that spell

    Staves can be either:

    1) the stave gives the max damage allowed by a spell, such as, tier 1 is 25, tier 2 is 50. you can only upgrade your spell to the maximum damage and then need to buy or upgrade a staff.. OR

    2) you can continue to upgrade your spell as you want but Staves will be a collectible item and can give random abilities like summoning timebomb sheep or giving multishot or a bunch of other things i could have fun with but these ideas could also be spells i could allow the player have.

    which would you guys say would be more fun or better for the player?

    or any other ideas

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