If you win...you lose!

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    Aug 18, 2021
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    “ If You win … You lose ! "
    free game

    I-Presentation of the game :

    This game is a metroid like 2d , a pure platform adventure game, and a die and retry galore :

    Unlike most other platform games which are more of the action platform genre or not difficult enough , in this game you control so vulnerable character without any power or protection abilities, or a scratch of an obstacle or trap or enemy means immediate failure.

    In fact the game tells the story of a stranger involved in spite of himself in a great dilemma and a great planetary danger , and to make matters worse , he is constantly in a race against time and short of means to solve in time the riddle of this adventure.

    If you accept the challenge, would you be able to win the game, really ?

    Have fun and especially no flying controllers please ...

    II-game characteristics :

    - metroid like 2d

    - pure adventure platform game

    -die and retry

    -5 parts and 4 powers

    - quite difficult game

    -several choices to make,

    -and a challenge to meet.

    Copyright 2021

    III- Recommended configuration :

    Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

    Intel i7 4510 U, equivalent or better

    Ge force 850 m, equivalent or greater

    Which supports direct x 11 or 12,

    500 MB of free hard disk space.

    -Partial controller support

    -language of the game Fr / En

    -genders :

    - metroid like 2d

    - pure adventure platform game

    -die and retry .

    droit d'auteur 2021

    pour more information (trailer, video etc) and for download free game please visit this itch.io page:
    https://bioshok.itch.io/ifyouwinyoulose upload_2021-8-18_13-11-55.png
    https://bioshok.itch.io/ifyouwinyoulose upload_2021-8-18_13-11-56.png
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    Apr 14, 2020
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    I like the cat, especially the jump animation (even though it may not be perfect). And overall it looked good enough to make me want to explore the game, so that's good! That being said, I have to be brutal now:
    1) That menu image, all those 0010101010100000 - it makes the menu super unreadable. This is especially true when you actually try to look into graphics settings or even the controls. Nothing from the menu stands out against this background thats actually made of text (numbers are a text!). My eyes still bleed from the attempts to find the keyboards equivalents to gamepads controls.
    2) I know it's made in Unity, but does it really need 315MB? I mean it looks like it's still quite a small game. Are you actually using all these shaders that you packed in? It's usually best to try to keep the size as little as possible - what are you going to do when you add in more levels and more shaders that you actually need?
    3) Now, the game looks like it could be a cool platformer. But. I personally think that games should be about fun, not about player's suffering. You basically talk about this in your description, almost feels like you are trying to make another Get over it. But Get over it is NOT fun to play. It is a satire, which is... a special kind of fun. But as a game? It sucks. Don't copy it. Focus on a pleasant player experience - you want to create the feeling of a challenge, but creating obstacles that require old-school pixel-perfect skill in todays environment is a fun-killer and you'll just frustrate your players out of the game.
    4) I was worried about the 3) even before the game started. And when it finally did, I found out that the frustration mentioned is actually 10000x greater, because when you die, you don't just restart the level. You are actually reloading it, and it feels like you are loading the entire game. I'm sorry, but this made me quit the game after like 10th death tops. This is, like the number 2), a technical issue though, you should look into the restart thing - you should not be reloading all your resources, dont dispose and recreate the level, instead reset its state.
    5) I still dont get the "you win - you lose" part, then again I did not get very far...

    I hope I dont sound overly harsh, I just want to help. I really think it could be a really cool game, just be wary of... possible downfalls. ;)

    Good luck. :)
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  3. Bioshok

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    Aug 18, 2021
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    First of all ,I wanted to thank you for taking the time to try the game and give constructive reviews that will help me improve.
    Regarding the technical problems of reloading level , I started to work on it and it's already better now. The game is much more fluid thanks to you!

    Thank you very much for your feedback [​IMG] All your remarks will be taken into consideration. Don't forget to share the game with your friends to get as much feedback as possible!

    Best regards.
  4. Bioshok

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    Aug 18, 2021
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    Good morning ,

    First of all, I strongly recommend that you drop the latest version of the game that you already have in hand and download and try the latest version of the game.

    "If you win ... you loose! V1.01" .7z that I updated earlier, because in this new version I fixed a major disabling and repulsive defect, namely that a reset after each failure takes forever.

    Please give all your opinions, suggestions, advice, feedback after testing the new version of the game completely, and please give me all the lists of errors, faults, bugs and weak points that you will find in this version. Thank you very much.

    Note: The game is still temporarily free until September 8, 2021 8:00 am pt (that means temporarily free again for 11 days more or less) after this date, the game becomes paid again).

    At the end, here is the list of tips and secrets for those stuck in the game:

    -To know or modify the keyboard keys of the game or to see how it corresponds to gamepad buttons, go to options then command options from the main menu.

    -First obstacle: see my first youtube video on my other game "escape the wormhole". It's the same passage!

    Otherwise: to make the longest jump: pass the platform on which you are on and then starting to fall in the air press the jump button without releasing the run button and the direction of the jump

    - Collect objects only once in a game, even after a failure (key, score piece, potion, power) on the other hand, you lose your achievements and your progress when leaving the game without having saved them at the chekpoint (flag).

    The objects already obtained apart from the keys and the powers reappear in their place after leaving the game, even after saving, useful for example to be able to increase statistics such as score at a lower cost),

    -save flags consuming a score piece of your score (decrease in score by 1 point is proof of saving) score 0 no save and sometimes you have to go through the flag twice to save

    - pay attention to secret passages which hide deadly traps, on the contrary there are false deadly traps which hide bonuses

    - with each use of a power the number of lives decreases

    -at each exit from the game, the player loses a life

    -the saving capacity is disabled for 10 seconds after each last save or reload (check score to see if the save has been taken into account)

    -the shortest passage to finish the game quickly is to always go to the top right when you still have no power, the other two passages (bottom right or top left) are mainly to finish the game is 100%

    - each potion adds one to the characteristic of the same color and decreases one of the characteristics of the other colors, for example the yellow potion increases the score by 1, and decreases by a number of lives and by 5 minutes the time remaining to complete the Game

    -the player has two gauge, 1 of lifespan which always drops gradually with time and which must be taken in this case green potion to restore it and mobility gauge immobility or it is necessary to keep roughly the balance between the 2, otherwise it's a failure

    -There are two endings, one classic, the other one must reach the end with at least 1800 score

    - the rotation allows the wall

    -sometimes each successive passage through the same portal leads to another different portal

    -at 0 life to know at the over range you lose the save and you have to start over from the beginning

    - same thing switch, certain predefined groups activate deactivate block or unlock trap mechanism objects or converts certain objects or traps into static or dynamic into permeable or not with their opposite groups of platforms to 1 which make the opposite state, there is several switch groups at 0 or their complement to 1 same rotation thing

    -Some switches require a passage last to have their effects

    - try to press x button on xbox controller or keyboard space during menus to see ...

    when you always go to the top right as suggested before during the first part, try not to drop the maximum,

    otherwise at each fall from a height:

    no need to go back to the starting point from below, it is very contraindicated,

    instead going back to the main menus and reloading the game is the safest, fastest and easiest way to continue the game from the last save,

    instead of waiting indefinitely to fail to start over,

    thank you very much and good day.

    Cordially ..
  5. LiamBeran

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    Aug 28, 2021
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    Looks like a great game to play!

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