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    I want to work closely with you and/or your team. I want to write highly personalized and highly
    customized music for your game. I'm good at this. It's what I do.

    I specialize in orchestral, electronic, and orchestral/electronic fusion. I've also done some alt rock sounding stuff. I'm versatile enough to do what you need done.

    My name is David Elswick and I'm looking for an open position or contract work. Ideally, I'm looking for work that I can do from my home studio. I work quickly. Most of the songs on my soundcloud were completed within a day or 2. Exceptions are "Adventure in China" (which was about 1 day of writing and 4 days of tweaking) and "Castle of Glass" (which was recorded over a year ago and was used for editing practice many times).

    You can hear a few of my tracks here:


    Self-Taught Piano: 12 years
    Mostly Self-Taught Vocalist: 18 years
    Bachelors Degree In Music Production
    Less than 1 year of guitar... I'm still working on it.
    5 years of MIDI instruments.

    Hardware and software:

    I have my own home studio, and am experienced using the following software (in order of comfort):
    Logic Pro X - What I use for all of my composition. I mostly use it for audio as well because of convenience.
    Pro Tools - I use pro tools on all projects that are only audio or mostly audio. It's good for that.
    Wwise - I can implement sounds and music into your game if you use wwise.
    Fmod - I can implement music into your game if you use fmod.
    (to a lesser degree) Unity - I learned basic implementation for unity, i.e. nothing that required code.
    (to a lesser degree) Unreal - I've used unreal before, but I didn't really do anything in it... but I am familiar.


    Full-time: The price is negotiable, but $20 an hour is preferred.
    Contract: The price heavily depends on the complexity of the music. Obviously if you want something with lyrics or a fully orchestrated composition it will be more expensive. A good starting price is about $30-$50 for 1-2 minutes of simple things and ambient music.

    How to contact me:

    PM me.
    Post in this thread.
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/david.elswick.14
    Email: angelwhoeatsfaces@gmail.com

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