HTML5 and its Future

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    In online gaming world Flash was in boom and suddenly Steve Jobs refused to incorporate Flash on any of Apple’s iOS devices, claiming the platform would be effectively dead within a matter of years, all developers was in worry of what happen next. But today’s scenario is totally different HTML5 dominating marketplace, transforming the way we access the web. So, what exactly is HTML5, and why has it proved so influential, particularly within the mobile gaming world?

    What we call HTML5?

    HTML5 is the latest iteration of Hypertext Markup Language, the code used to create pages and applications on the web with the help of this we can do animation, games and multiple app development as well. HTML5 compatibility is awesome it works across multiple platforms, from your tablet to your Smart TV; you don’t need additional plugins or APIs to run it, it allows creating games for both mobile devices and PCs, vast and expanding society, game doesn’t have to be installed on device and, because HTML is open source, it doesn’t cost you a dollar.

    Though HTML5 is not a programming language it delivers APIs for new solutions responsible for crucial components within game creation allowing them to run in the browser. HTML5 games can be very efficient and impressive.

    As we can see now the gaming market, in particular, spotted the huge potential of HTML early on, with gambling websites proving the perfect arena to showcase the sublime simplicity and functionality of HTML5. Players can choose from thousands of seamless, interactive experiences, all at the touch of a button; they can live-stream blackjack games, take on the house at the roulette table, or play slots online at Mr Smith Casino through HTML5. What’s more, this platform is much more compatible with modern smartphones compared with older platforms like Flash, making games much more accessible, and easier to download and play. No surprise then, that over recent years, HTML5 has come to dominate the mobile gaming market.

    The Future

    The future of HTML5 game development is very bright. So many html5 games are releasing today, even some steam games are made with html5 (Curvatron on Steam). New html5 library are coming out most of the open sourced. I have played a real time multiplayer game that made in html5 stack. I know some html5 game developers they really made a good money buy developing game. I think developing game with html5 is really a good choice.

    So, why has HTML5 become so important for mobile gaming? In a word: compatibility. HTML5 works across all browsers, from Amazon Silk to Firefox, and this “one size fits all” dynamic makes it a favorite with mobile game developers, who only have to design an app once for it to feature across all platforms. According to conservative estimates, HTML5 is now incorporated in nearly three-quarters of all mobile websites, easily outstripping competitors like Flash and CSS, and, with the clamor for HTML5 developers only getting louder, this trend isn’t likely to slow down any time soon.

    In fact, many industry insiders expect HTML5 to monopolize the mobile gaming market in a little over five years, and, with Google following hot on the heels of Apple, announcing in July last year that they would no longer be supporting Flash-based tech in their ads, the writing is on the wall. No surprise then, that shortly after Google went public, Adobe made their own announcement, with Flash set to be consigned to the trash heap by 2020.

    End of Flash

    It very bad news for Flash lover that flash going to end completely , the much-loved multimedia platform, practically omnipotent on the web for close on two decades. We know HTML5 is totally new platform for gaming world and this just the beginning, and, as a constantly evolving, ever-changing medium, expect to see newer, more sophisticated and more robust versions in the years to come.

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