How to promote your indie game on Steam?

Discussion in 'Indie Business' started by digdog, Apr 13, 2017.

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    I'm a Chinese indie dev,t my game,Weapon Shop Fantasy, which user reviews are very positive!But there are still few english-speaking guys who know my game. How to promote your indie game on Steam?
    How to contact with game media like PCGAMER or IGN for reviewing your game?
    Some English-speaking players loved this game and checked all my English vision dialog for me.I can assure you that despite my poor written English,the language in my game is pretty "native".That is why I believe this game is ready to enter a wider market.
    But there is no professional media that reviewed my game. If you love Kairosoft, you may love Weapon Shop Fantasy which is a shop simulation game with a lot RPG
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    Mar 2, 2017
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    Hey there! When releasing a game, you have to reach out to the reviewers instead of waiting for the reviews to get published. There are several guides online on writing press releases, making press kits, and contacting the press.

    My quick tip for you is to look at games similar to yours and find out where they were reviewed. Look for websites that are focused on the genre of game that you have. Find their email addresses or use their contact forms and write personalized messages to them. Tell them why you think they might be interested in your game (if they have written a review on a similar game, if they mentioned somewhere that they like simulation games, if they focus on games from your region, etc.) and don't forget to include the complete information about your game. Offer a review copy. There are many other tips online on how you could get them to notice you (they receive hundreds of emails a day, especially the bigger sites like IGN and PCGamer), and some you can learn from your own experience. And aside from press, you should also try reaching out to youtubers and streamers.

    Sharing some links:

    Hope this helps you. Good luck!
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    If you have the budget your best bet would be to contact a PR agency in the US. We have extensive media lists that hit all the major gaming websites and indie sites out there for coverage, reviews, previews, news, etc.
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    Hi guys,
    So, i just release a game: , Doggy Bubble Shooter Rescue , on AppStore and PlayStore,
    In game is Ads from ChartBoost , But no Earnings for now ,
    Ads in Game works verry well ,
    But no earnings, i enter in my game and i install a game that appear in my ads and in my chartboost account dont't appear nothing .
    Please tell me , how can i check that ads from the game is ads from my chartboost account , and not developer ads, from his account ,
    Thanks , waiting for any answer
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    Feb 1, 2018
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    Hey there,

    Have you considered looking into other distribution platforms for Weapon Shop Factory?
    Our site, allows anyone to sell their online content.

    We're currently in our preliminary launch and maybe you'd be interested in enlisting your game on our waiting list.
    We're an emerging marketplace for indie game developers like yourself.

    We would love your game, Weapon Shop Factory, and it would be a great addition to our site.


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