How can i make my own game ??

Discussion in 'Indie Basics' started by Bala Subramanyam, Jun 14, 2019.

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    Jun 14, 2019
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    i have already made few games kind of 2d sci fi ninja and flappy bird clone and brick blast and a walk through kind of later on i stopped developing games whatever i felt in my long developing process the only coding part is not enough so i started learning design part

    so coming now to the main question
    i now restart my game development process
    i had a story which is kind of huge so i want to make them into few divisions
    so to make this im still feeling nervous whether
    **i can handle this game alone**
    **if so how good it gonna be**
    and my final question does i need a publisher or i can do on my own
    " i dont know to implement a story board for my story so there is no stop and start in a perfect way is there any way to avoid this flaw kind of story board artist because i'm not having money to hire a story board artist and make it good so any suggestions or any simple process of making games
    story board
    like i know how to manage the software part
    starting with
    1. Maya
    2. Zbrush
    3.substance painter
    4.Mixamo fuse
    5.make human
    6.marvelous designer
    and im good at story writing too
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  2. Scoper

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    Whether you can do it alone is a question only you can answer. Although people usually overestimate how much is possible to do alone.
    You do not need a publisher. Publishers are rarely interested in solo developers and solo developers rarely need a publisher. It is much easier to publish yourself.

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