Horror Game With LGBT Themes

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    Having researched horror themes and the complexities of the human experience in of itself and the viewpoints of LGBT individuals, I have coalesced a plot line for a horror game with a central LGBT theme. Feedback and criticism is always welcomed and appreciated.

    Erika is 18 years old and ready to finish her senior year in high school. The problem is she doesn't know how she even got to this point in her life. There is no memories, no rhymes, no reasons why she is here in this life that doesn't feel like her own. The reality of her existence is unstable to the point that she sometimes finds herself in what appears to be a living nightmare, the anger and grudge of someone she does not know. She can feel it. In those creatures that seek to literally eat away at her. With each time she is here, fighting these beasts, she begins to learn. She was, will be, is the female identity of a transgender female that was brutally murdered by her uncle. The man she never was died, and Erika, the female identity, was thrust forth into the void of non-existence. It was this void that she escaped only to find herself in another void; the void left behind by a miscarriage. It was then that she tore into reality, finding herself the daughter of the couple who dealt with the miscarriage. This isn't her true home. This is a fake reality. And underneath this falsehood, inside the void, grew the grudge, fear, turmoil, anger, pain that was born from Christopher: the false identity that Erika thought she was before she was murdered. Death brought life to Erika, but death grew an evil in Christopher. Now Christopher seeks to destroy Erika for playing a part in his death while she got to live as if nothing happened. Until now.

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