[Hobby] Searching for 3D Character Artist for Witcher 3 Mod project

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    Ceádmil, I am the project coordinator of the WitchersForge, a small modding team dedicated to the Witcher world. Our main goal is to rework aspects of the Witcher 3, with a special focus on the second expansion, Blood and Wine.

    For this task we are looking for a 3D character artist.

    If you are interested in creating new models and reworking exisiting ones for a Fantasy Game and want to work with us, you definitly should:

    • be patient, because as you might know this game did not come with the highly anticipated mod support one could hope for. This means that there might be setbacks and problems we encounter that cannot be solved.

    • be interested in Fantasy worlds since you can bring in your own ideas [yet this is not mandatory[.
    What you would be doing:

    • create new models including both characters and additonal items for characters such as coats, fur etc.
    • rework exisiting models
    • [ whatever you can do with any additional skill sets]
    If you are interested please contact us via e-mail or send us a PM.



    e-mail: witchersforge@gmail.com

    note, that this is a hobby project involving no money [it will always stay this way]

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