Help needed!!!! Reality operating system!!!!! Building team!!!!!

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    Hello fellow gamers,

    My name is Shaun Williamson. I live the USA and currently am building a game development office in my house.

    Im looking to gather numerous people on a team where we can work on various projects (more than one) and become a competitive game development team worthy of opponents such as the elders scrolls online, and star citizen, a AAA title game development team, maybe even become famous.

    I am gathering this team with intentions to gather any and all knowledge types. If you are willing to teach or learn, earn wages upon completion, and lead a group of innovated developers, I offer only the best steadfast work effort. The more effort you show towards the team, the more you make once projects are complete.

    Everyone on the team will know each other and can correlate at any time.

    Thank you and please like my ideas.


    REALITY Operating System (or game)-

    Real Physical Living Breathing Outer Space Universe- If you heard of Space Engine, We will implement this system into our game to where you can habitat to other planets.

    Atom Compound Element Innovation- This game will feature a particle system that will press together particles like atoms of real life. Protons, Neutrons, and electrons will be developed.

    Scientific Periodic Table

    Plants, Animals, Compounds- Can burn fire, Can breathe air,

    Real Human Brain and Body Movements- you can move your body like real life from a implemented game bone structure

    Game Money to Real Currency

    So you can visit your friends that are using the OS at anytime within this cloud game system.

    One last thing, games are getting better as we speak and this idea isn't done yet, so please respond.

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