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    Hey all,

    My name's Dave, I've been messing around with Indie Dev for a little under ten years and have worked with a few development platforms (UDK, Cry, Torque, NeoAxis, TGC products, Unity and a few that are no longer in development). I've performed several different roles within each development team that I have been a member of, such as: 3D asset creation, texture artist, limited programing, project management, QA, audio development and story development. I'm glad that I have had the opportunities to perform these various roles and haven't pinned down which role makes me happiest, they all are a bit of fun but can be complete pains at times.

    I'm having a problem finding people that are committed to the development cause but I think that has something to do with the communities that I frequented. This is in no way a team request, just a bit of history. I have released a demo but it was as with all things dated before it was released. I think I have the original file somewhere on my external HDD but can't be bothered to search for it, sorry.

    Here is a list of software suites that I am familiar with but in no way a master of:

    • 3ds Max (used as a per seat on a few development teams paid for by dev team funding)
    • Blender3D <---preferred 3D/animation software

    • Textures/web design:
    • Adobe Photoshop cs4 <--- owned

    • Cubase7 <---owned
    • Randall guitar amps
    • Fender Bass amps
    • Various Toontrack plug-ins <--owned

    The reason that I list these is so that you know that I'm a serious developer. I love my hobbies and I prefer to be legit in all aspects. I own licenses for various game engines but have yet to develop in a few of them. I purchased them so that in the event that I join a team that used one of the products that I have licensed I am able to pick up and slide into the pipeline without delay. Some of them were mistakes to purchase but hindsight is always 20/20 and others were purchased with grandiose ideas that never came to fruition but that doesn't mean they will not be used in future projects.

    I've been doing a lot of thinking and doing some research into technology that is current and I have a narrowed down what I am going to license next but it will be quite sometime before I proceed. I have a concept that I started working on back in 2006 but shelved it do to real life issues but I have since dusted the cover off of the story and have put the spark back in my co-writers eye.

    I hope to contribute to this community and look forward to the time I will be spending here.

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