Hell On Earth (18+) Complete Indie Game - Free Download

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Coyote Games, May 2, 2017.

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    Hi ! Allow me to give you some friendly advice regarding your advertisement picture, because it may actually discourage a number of people from even trying your game ! And I'm not saying that in a rude way (or at least I hope !) :)

    There's a big issue with the cartoon/anime/navy girl character on the left, in the fact that she's a 3D model standing in a neutral position in front of a background that has absolutely NOTHING to do with her (the perspective clearly not matching) : that creates the impression that she was just slapped on top of the picture, with little coherence between the two. I assume the idea was to have a character be in the "front" of the scenery (and that can be a good idea !), but because she's a 3D model with dead fish eyes and stiff arms, it simply doesn't work out, haha.

    The big red title is a problem too, because it takes a lot of space but it's red and black over...shades of red and black in the background, which is a bit rude to the eyes !

    Overall, the main problem to me is that there's way too much stuff going on in this picture, and that the different elements don't make sense together. You have this dark, almost apocalyptic scenery in the background which is very realist and vivid, with this skeleton dude on the front (it took me a while to realize the skeleton was part of the background, actually, but it still feels like a "frontal character"), but there's also this huge red title in a big, basic font that clashes with the realism behind, but there's also the "Start game, options", etc titles below in a different font, and there's also this huge anime girl that doesn't really look like she knows why she's here...do you see where I'm going with this ? I'm afraid it's a bit confusing, if I may say :p

    Don't let that discourage you though ! You've put your game out there (and went through the hassle of making one), which deserves respect to begin with, and I hope you do great on your journey :D

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