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Discussion in 'Game Design' started by Antqcao433, Jun 21, 2016.

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    Hi my name its Anthony simple to remember, and well i have a creative mind on lore, story and design styles however im not soo talented in the sense of programming or even the art itself.
    well unless thinking and taking notes of my thoughts is art, then i have that.
    I enjoy writing, mathing and calculating, and believe me i have a notebook filled with ideas and concepts but not as much as my head has came up with over the years.
    So heres this concept i wanna come to life and the story is great too. I used to be a writer for gothan group entertainment and principle entertainment.

    A war based 3rd person RPG where the player can command a small army in an open world map, and player gain units from crafting, achievements and earning them. In the open world or story part of the game the amount of units the player is allowed to bring with him in the campaign is limited to 1 every 5 levels, being the max is 30 levels. the player will gain 5 skill points per level in which he/she can decide if it should go to their characters Army Count, Health, Attack Damage, Dexterity, and Intelligence.

    Noted i pointed out that the max army count level can be leveled up too, this is for phase 2 of the concept, in which multiplayer comes into play. In the campaign story, players can co-op with up to 4 other friends. The 5 friends can also partake in a special event called Boss Raid in which player must use all their army with aid of allies to take on a huge monster with a huge AOE just to be fair. Players will also encounter boss battles where he/she may need to clash with a npc that has a full army, this is done in a battlefield with a map that requires pure strategy. There is also a 5v5 all army pvp part of the concept also.

    In a large scale battle there will be 2 phases, at match start players will have 2 minutes to decide which route they want their units to patrol or go to, then the match goes to phase 2 where the player controls his/her character in the 3rd person perspective and try to lead their team to victory. Players can access phase 1 again at ally garrisons (Capture bases) or when player is in the Re-spawn timer, doing so players can change the direction in which he/she wants the units to go. In pvp there are 2 game modes i thought of, the first is capture all garrisons. Garrisons are bases and camps player must defeat the guard to capture, players and player's units can then re-spawn at those garrisons if needed. The second game mode is Killfest, rules are simple, there's a 15 minute timer after phase 1 ends, kill units to gain points, kill enemy players to gain 100 points. Most points by end wins the game.

    As for the story and theme of it
    The time is set on the modern current year in a world thats similar to ours in every way but instead have monsters roaming the earth and how people manage to live side by side with these monsters, and these monsters are the ones that the world we live in read about.
    Every 10 years there will live a king/queen of the risen in which the title must be taken by contest of strength and journey, the champion must find and defeat 10 corrupted guards to claim the title. If a king/queen has not been selected by the champions then the gods will shine down and bring forth the apocalypses. These corrupted did not choose their fate and the player can learn who they were. The corrputed are once human being who onced lived a normal live, until the gods planted a seed of enjoyment every 10 years there will rise 7000 corrupted people who will be given horrifying skill and ability, these corrupted will have no will or memory of who they were before the corruption takes over. The protagonist will only encounter 10 in his journey the other 6990 will be heard about threw background and such. When a champion is chosen the remaining corrupted or whats alive will become human again and regain self control.
    The story will be told by unit and item descriptions the protagonist finds and will also be told by the environment.

    This is just 10% of this game concept i have written down to show, the other 90% or the rest of this is actually in my notebook, and Yes its all 1 big game out of thousands i've came up with
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    What are you asking help with? I may have missed it.

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