Ghostly Horizon is looking for a 2D web/social-media artist and a 3D artist for cute ghost character

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    Ghostly Horizon – Stylized 3rd person multiplayer competitive spellcaster on spherical worlds.

    Development has been active since March 2017 with online alpha-testing on its way in less than 2 months. Beta estimated for Q4 2017 and early access in Q1 2018.

    A lot of focus is put into co-operation and teamwork, in some game modes you will not be able to win without actual co-operation with your team. Other game modes will allow for more casual play. Different game modes allow for everything from 32v32 to 5v5 and 5v20 players.

    No specific details about game modes are available to publish until after alpha-testing is complete.

    Other than pure game modes a large part of Ghostly Horizons gameplay is spells, no spell works exactly as another. Players will have to adapt in different ways to be a valuable asset to their team with the spells at their disposal, depending on which elements they can get their hands on.

    Ghostly Horizon has a low-poly stylized look to it. Characters are cute Ghosts and Ectos with lots of customizations. Characters are to look high-poly with a flow to them and a black cartoony outline. The world is ambient with lots of area effects that change with day/night cycle to give a living feel to the Environment.

    2017-07-02 - 3.png 2017-07-02 - 6.png 2017-07-02 - 14.png 2017-07-02 - 23.png
    Video only for proof of concept, everything is subject to change!
    Youtube video is only reachable via link.

    The game uses Unity engine with uLink network library which allows (amongst other features) easy implementation of different prefabs and scripts for server/client/proxy versions of a gameobject. The game is created with spherical game worlds and gravity towards the center, all features and codes are implemented with this in focus.

    I am a Swedish guy in early 30s named Markus. I am the programmer and game designer for the Ghostly Horizon, I planned for the project during most of 2016. I started programming the game in March 2017 and the project has come a long way in just a few months. I have a Master of Science degree in Anesthesia Nursing and I am working 40% as a registered nurse anesthetist to be able to live and feed myself during this project.

    Either you are a 2D artist with maybe just a little time on your hands to put your name on Ghostly Horizon.
    You can get involved how much or little as you want in the Project.
    The list below is written in priority from high to low of what is needed in 2D art.
    Social media-art
    Press/media art (Press-kits)
    Possibly HUD/UI ingame


    You are a 3D artist who wants to take the inspiration of Ghosts and Ectos and make them into your versions. Ghostly Horizon needs cute and customizable player characters with either cloth physics or animations or both, inspiration/concept art is shown to applicants. There are also some AI mobs that need their own models but priority is lower on those.

    You get involved how much you want to in the project.

    There is no social media or homepage yet since we lack your expertise!

    Revenue share.
    There is no money in the project as is, it is possible that a kickstarter campaign will be run or the game will be released as early access to allow for further development.

    Best Regards
    Ghostly Horizon
    Markus Boberg – Game Designer/Programmer

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