Garage Games announces T2D is going open source!

Discussion in 'Indie Related Chat' started by bantamcitygames, Dec 26, 2012.

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    I bought a full license some years back and made some changes to the engine myself and traded a few changes with other TGB license holders. I would argue there was already a large subset of users who openly shared with eachother. I don't see a switch to open source as making much of a dent in the market. This may be opening a can of worms as developers make all sorts of changes to the code base and someone, Garage, has to merge these together while thorough regression testing the changes. The blog entry mentions that their editors broke the second they merged a couple of engines they have. A big complaint was the lag time upgrading the engine in the past. I know it's different management now but the concern is still a valid one. One of the changes I made to the engine was writing save files to the proper directory under Vista (yeah, years ago now) many months before Garage added the same feature.

    That said, I'm not sure what will improve uptake by the community or what they're lacking. I'm not sure open source is it.

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