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    Welcome to gamedevcon. ! GDC is a virtual gaming and development conference that's just on Discord! We're hosting panels, interviewing professionals, and dropping swag giveaways and a big raffle for 6 months of Unity Pro.

    We're currently looking for panelists. Do you have a cool idea for a panel? Are you a programmer? A 3D modeler? How would you like to talk about a game you're working on? The game flow behind it? We can give you a time, space, and audience! We're looking to turn this into a rather large con, conducted entirely free online. It's free to join and listen, but you can buy a deluxe badge for 9.99$ and get in on the action with another theatre filled with panels to listen to, and the possibility of Twitch support if you're looking to use a camera.'

    To apply, PM us. We're looking for everyone and anyone, not just professional streamers. If you're a designer or a developer, we'd love to hear your idea.

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