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    Hello together.
    Just wanted to share a project i been working on titled Rising Mist.
    If you like it be sure to Whislist it on Steam:

    Rising Mist is a story driven adventure set in the fantasy land of Occoterra where dark magic and evil forces have descended upon. To oppose the tyranny one must gain an alliance of the seven cities. Develop skills and trades, skilfully navigate between the intrigues of allies and enemies.



    The balance between light and darkness in the land of Occoterra is upset and Eshudell’s last rebels are brutally defeated. And where the light perishes, evil intensifies and grows ever so rapidly. The world awaits the rise of a hero who will take the fate of magical forces into his own hands and without hesitation embark on a thorny journey for a brighter future.

    In this fantasy game, you play the role of a heroic rebel. You embark on a journey from city to city in which you search for your allies, gradually revealing the forgotten struggle of the last standing Eshugards and discovering the power of repressed magic that is only mastered by few.

    On your journey, you have to deal with gangs of bandits and evil magical creatures. Danger is also posed by intruders who try to infiltrate among the rebels. So choose your allies wisely!


    Ensure faster progress in your mission and develop as many skills as possible to finance your trip. Resource management will be key to your progress. Master fishing, farming, cutting down trees, etc. or connect with other artisans and gain knowledge from brewing potions, making curing drops, and crafting magical amulets. Develop trading skills to secure a better status that can help you with allies who are hard of trusting.

    Occoterra needs your help, are you ready to take on the challenge?


    • 26 different Cities, Towns and places you can visit
    • Multiple storyline endings
    • Multiple difficulty levels
    • Gorgeous hand-painted high-resolution sceneries and characters
    • Discover legends, mythical creatures and dragons
    • Restore peace in Occoterra and travel the whole land
    • Resource management
    • Find the Lost Legend of Occoterra
    • Discover the secret of Eshudell
    • Potion crafting, farming, herbalism, dragon slaying and much more needs to be done
    Short Combat video:

    For more visit the Steam page:


    P.S. Anykind of feedback would be appriciated and also if anyone wants to help me regarding marketing or general exposture or is a Steam Curator, contact me.

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    May 28, 2021
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    Hey, this isn't too bad of a game. Looks like there's a lot of content to go through. How many play hours do you think there are?

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