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    Hi aspiring and inspiring game devs out there. Today I want to write about game design. While I am an amateur designer with no games under my belt I have still worked on improving my craft and I hope what I have to write will interest or help you in some way (or both)

    As of now I am mapping out my design for a game I have yet to name. I want to share my concept on the class system as I think it is somewhat unique in its design and possibly execution. My system follows what I call the Title > Class > Subclass System

    Titles were used to determine what classes the character will be able to choose e.g. the knight title allowed players to choose one of four classes

    titles and classes.PNG

    Now, this is where the subclasses would come in, but before that let's talk about what is shown above, that is the class upgrade tree, the lowest title, grunt knight, goes on from level 1 - 25. Once the max level is reached for a class, a class upgrade must be done, the character will stop leveling up until the upgrade is done. Please note that this is still in its early phases so more classes will be added to make the class upgrade system plausible.

    Now for the subclasses - while I have no images to show at the moment I do have something about it I want to share - what if the player can give their character more than one class, it sounds either implausible at worst and unstable at best but hear me out! a Sub-Class System (notice the hyphen) in this instance it is like a secondary class just with weaker stat curves and skills than if it was a main class, both classes can be used simultaneously by using the skills of each and though they may level up and curve differently - the values are all added together to get one final value

    e.g. the knight is main class and elementalist is sub-class, both have been used in battle - both are calculated separately so on the screen it shows atk > 7, atk > 4, there is an easy fix. Classes do not add atk points to my characters, ever. I have created the strength stat in my character system and the atk stat is exclusive to weapons, skills are calculated by power versus resistance.

    Tell me what you think of my systems and how they can be improved upon or if they are even plausible and tell me about some of the mechanics that you have designed that you think are unique. I will post more about the design of the game once I create more concepts that I find worthy enough to share.

    Thank you for your time

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