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    Hello, my name is Sterling Hamilton.

    I am a graduate of Ancient History as well as Scriptwriting. Therefore my knowledge of formatting scripts, plot structure and dialogue can easily be applied to creating and writing a video game. But also my degree in the classics has not only taught me the history of ancient civilizations but how to research and produce content that you may be interested in.

    Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to present any of the work I've done thus far. So instead, I will explain!

    The following scripts I have completely are:
    A play based on true events called What Little Hope We Have - which will be in production later this year.
    I have two video game concepts - one has been partially scripted, while the other will hopefully be produced in the near future.
    A Naruto episode - as a project and for fun.
    Feature film on Jack the Ripper - Beat outline, pitch and character outlines have been finished, act one and act three are now done, more to come.
    One Tail: The Animated Series - a project I am currently in the process of fundraising.

    Now that you've read some of the work I've already done, I'd like to tell you a little about myself. I wasn't always good at video games, I remember throwing myself around God of War with great enthusiasm as it was the first AAA game title I ever played. As the years went on, my ability to play games hasn't become much better, I can't say I'm good at playing games when I'm only good at Overwatch. But that doesn't mean I'm not a gamer, I keep on top of every article published by IGN. I study the trends, give my reviews based on games that my friends play in the front of me. My favourite games would have to be the Naruto Ultimate Nina Storm series, Devil May Cry, and Kingdom Hearts. I adore games with heavy story, but I find I get more invested when the characters are memorable. That is why I want to write for video games, I want to create something that fans can adore the way I have adored other games in the past. I want to create a world and characters with my team and see fan art or cosplay of it. These are big dreams but these dreams have captured my heart and pushed me to move from home and get as much education as I can in order to help others develop new and exciting projects.

    If you are interested in seeing my work, I will gladly send you examples. I also hope to make friends and see what this indie community is like. Thank you.

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