[Free] Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D - My First Game (Need Feedback)

Discussion in 'Feedback Requests' started by Sohaib Ali, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Sohaib Ali

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    Oct 22, 2015
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    Folks! I know you dont give importance to my game. But still I am here to get your Feedback about my game. I am new in development and really need professional advice's. Please at least check my game and guide me whats need to be improved.
    Find game here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.funworld.mountain.sniper.shooting

    Are you willing to enjoy real life 3D mountain sniper shooting? Have you ever played any game that allows you to enjoy such an experience? If not then mountain shooting sniper is the perfect game. In game, you have received an order from the headquarters to be in the battlefield. Enemy has invaded your several bases. Now you will be appointed as a covert to reclaim your positions. All the mountains that have been invaded are of higher strategic position. Having these mountains mean stronger position in every sense and manner.


    You have an attractive opportunity to show your abilities as covert and tell your seniors that you are worthy of it. You must kill the enemies as soon as possible using strategies to kill as much enemies as possible. Give your perfect shots to prove your capabilities. You will come across huge mountain distances and also you will have limited time to kill the enemies. Try not to come under the enemy as their fire is huge enough to save oneself.

    Never ending courage and consistency is needed to be successful in challenging missions of the game. Just get it downloaded on your gadget and enjoy being the real life sniper shooters.

    Watch Mountain Sniper Shooting Game Demo:

    Available on: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.funworld.mountain.sniper.shooting

    You can follow Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D on Facebook: https://goo.gl/JcOM59 and Google plus: https://goo.gl/QIVQM7

    Please help me!
  2. Axternaly

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    Nov 3, 2015
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    First of all, are the assests used in this game legit? From the looks of it you just rigged some stuff directly from google images. That also means that you might have used some copyrighted material, plus doing so ruins the UI. Basicaly, for example the "Locked" icons are very different in style to those of being "Unlocked" ones. Second of all in the first image the one that says Mountain Sniper Shooting the man's left eye is looking into wrong direction.

    My advice on how to upgrade your game is to:
    1. Try to make some personal art with your own style that all looks alike (Same style).
    2. Terain feels empty. I recomend useing Google SketchUp since it is very simple 3D moddeling software that lets you make houses and building in 5-10 minutes. Poping up a couple of houses around the map or even adding some complexity to the maps will make the game all so more realistic to player.
    3. Also maybe adding a "Score" system would be a nice touch. For example HeadShoots give you bonus score and missing a shoot loses a bit of your score points.
    4. Instead of having a "Help" button you should make lvl 1 a Tutorial level.
    Also comments like these, please ignore...

    Anyway keep working on your game since it has some good potential but still needs a lot of refining!

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