Featherpunk Prime - Sci-fi Action-platformer with Robo-Flamingo

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    Featherpunk Prime is a twin stick action-platformer mega mission with a mighty weapons arsenal, random levels and colossal boss fights! It's one super-agile Robo-Flamingo and its armoured sidekick against a horde of avian warbots; relentless, powerful and berserk! You'll need skill, strategy and a slick trigger finger. Ascend the tower, execute the Guardians and take down the evil Cybirdroid Corporation...

    Genre: Is an action platformer where you can fire in any direction. It has some light RPG and Roguelike elements in the approach to progress and levelling-up. It's level generation is inspired by games like Rogue legacy and Spelunky.

    Some of Featherpunk Prime's Features:

    Be a super-badass-robo-flamingo!
    Navigate the tower with a range of abilities; boost through the air, grind along platforms, cling and slide on walls, dodge enemy attacks, duck, sprint and jump.


    You aren't alone in your fight. F-Droid will aid your battle, giving you supporting firepower when you need it. Think of him as a pet. With guns


    Taking down a group of enemies will take your full concentration. Combat grows more intense as you ascend the tower, yet more rewarding as you hone your skills and learn strategies to eliminate the enemies you come across. Use your surrounding level wisely and make sure you prioritise the right enemies first.

    The Robo-Flamingo’s is an agile species; make use of all his moves and abilities to jump and boost away from projectiles, cling to walls to gain better positions, duck and slide your way out of danger!

    You’ll find yourself constantly on your toes, reacting to each unique situation. Find space between projectiles and dodge enemies that launch themselves at you.
    Be wary of enemies hunting you down!


    Boss Fights
    The Cybirdroid Guardians are a diverse array of berserk and relentless creatures. Each one has a range of brutal attacks and a weakness to exploit. Eliminate them and be rewarded with an unlocked checkpoint and upgrades for your sidekick F-Droid!


    Unlocks and Upgrades
    Destroyed enemies drop Tekcells. Collect these from enemies and egg pods to buy new upgrades, such as increased firepower, health and quicker reloads to new abilities like the Shockwave attack or Boost. You can also upgrade your F-Droid's stats and skills.

    Collect Archive Data to uncover the backstory of your adventure. War has been raging in the Avereon Galaxy for many years; the evil Cybirdroid weapons company is the catalyst, profiting from the conflict. They must be stopped!


    Inspirations for developers: Rogue Legacy, Super Metroid

    Who are we:
    Super Hatch Games is a British game studio. At our core we are a two man team. We are both ex-Sony developers. We are passionate about creating exciting and engaging games for gamers, full of personality and cool, crazy ideas.

    Initially Windows, but we hoping to bring it to consoles shortly after release.

    Approximate release date: end of 2016



    Steam Community Page
    Please vote for us on Greenlight




    Thanks for your time!
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