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    *Updated* Hello everybody,

    My name is Ernesto Marquez and I am developing a game called "Fantastical this is a game that has been in development for more than 2 years now the game isn't finished just yet.


    Fantastical is a Open World , Beat Em Up , Platformer game the design of the game takes on a very cute and elegant art style that I have been working on for several years and bringing it to this game makes a huge difference to see it come to life.

    Fantastical is about a boy named "Henry" who lives in two worlds the True World and the False World, the False World is extremely similar to our every day world that we live in and the True world is that of pure Fantasy. Henry discovers that he has been placed on a mental prison known as the "False" world as he sleeps and lives a fake life but he was eventually freed and he discovers that the world he thought was real is infact fake and never existed his true world is that of Fantasy, Imagination and Magic.

    The true world is not on Earth it is a completely different world created by a man named "Ed" and in this world there is alot of creative freedom that tons of unique worlds exist.

    Henry goes on a adventure to figure out what is going on and why he was put in such a situation.

    In the game you Destroy Enemies called "Raptor Bots" that where created by the games villain to hunt Henry down and capture him.

    The game offers more than 18 levels for the player to explore all have unique surreal and fantasy world.
    This game is HARD to the core, its a brutal beat em up game that gets harder the farther you progress.

    The game is still in development its planned for a 2019 release and a free demo is available to try.

    More information can be found on the games website:


    Ernesto Marquez.​
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    Hello everybody.

    So today i will be sharing some new content about my game in this forum so lets get right into it.

    New Game World Revealed: Celestina
    This is a world called Celestina this world is a beautiful giant garden like world in this place you can see giant cards with a princess on it this princess is a fictional character in the game called Celestina who is the creators daughter favorite character that he made her this giant garden like world with these cards all with the characters face on them and made her very happy.

    This is one of the various worlds that you can play on and its the earliest worlds that Henry gets to experience after his slumber.

    The level also depicts the elegance of the game with popping color , Organic 3D models , Complex Textures and more.
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    Screenshot of the moment: The City of Southern Enchantium.
    The Image and what its about.

    This is a world called "The City of Southern Enchantium" which is a very small city that sits on top of a small mountain.

    In this level Henry has to destroy Raptor Bots but your free to explore this small city and see the tech city that unfortunately its creator did not succeed in creating the City has its back story on what went wrong but the biggest issue was that the city was too small and too far from other worlds but the city was the place of origin for "Gold Arches" which are Arch like devices that can Teleport and can send people from one place to another this was the hope to bring more people to COSE but the damage was already done since the city is simply too small and not much to do infact its limit of people was quickly exceeded that the creator of this city thought the best thing was to stack the city buildings on top of giant stands but it became a poor solution and the city sits unused and uninhabited for years.

    Henry first learned about this city in a school assignment.

    Leaving behind the giant frame of Enchantiums creator , giant screens, massive buildings and even a small ocean on the top of the mountain that the city sits on, COSE truly is a unique city along with its Downtown counter part who suffered the same fate.

    (Dev Notes on this level: This level was actually very hard to make as squeezing so much on this level felt impossible and the level went through some painful remakes. The travel distance on this level is so short living up to its fabled description).

    - Ernesto
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    Hello everyone a fine day to you.

    Today im going to share a few more things about my game

    Wrapped Up Power.

    This means that the amount of power that the game is aiming for has been solidify and boy and i happy with it, so the game had a very rocky start at first and it asked for a bit more when it started of but thats fine the optimization is always the fun part for me as i love to find crazy new ways to speed up my game as much as possible.

    A revamping of the game is still going on as its pushing as much away from the whole Realistic Sky to a much more Fantasy appearance i love Fantasy and the games original design is hard to get right but its getting there.

    This is Revamped Celestina and as you can see it is much more Fantastical and using much better lighting compared to the previous version things like Ambience and Shadows are kind of being pushed and corrected more Ambience im pushing towards more CGI like appearance but again its not easy and the Ambiance is infinite in the game it hits everything the Shadows are much farther and cover more content since the Shadows are RayTraced it gives a much nicer look and feel and a infinite shadow all throughout the world.

    Real time GI is also another thing that is being used more careful this time in the last version of the game the GI was hardly noticeable but in this revamp im making sure it gets its fair share the most.









    This thing appears to have a ability but its attempting to fool the viewer.. How clever..​
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    Who is Time?

    Time is kind of a Mystery himself the only way to know more about him is to encounter this mysterious man.

    The only thing that is known about him according to Ed is that he is from Bucharest, Romania and he is 44 years old however only Ed is the one who knows about him and he
    pretty much agreed to keep hush about him.

    Time is a dad of a daughter but she is not of Enchanted origin but Romanian she and her dad where offered to come to Enchantium before the massive
    destruction of Earth took place they agreed.

    However in many cases many agree that Time was not the actual interest to be taken to Enchantium but they all believe that the real reason for both of
    them to be taken was for Times daughter.. Time is another story in himself.

    Henry visits Time by accident as a Arch fails to send him to another world but sends him to a strange desert like world where Time is living.​
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    New World Revealed: The Land of Toys​
    The Land of Toys is a world created out of Giant Toys of all kinds from the Giant Blocks and the Birthday Gift Mountains or the enormous Trees that tower the
    vista of these worlds its really a place that stands out from the others in some ways.

    This world was created by Eds wife who has 3 children and created this world just for them but time has gone by and its now unused.

    From the floating gift surprise boxes and the giant balloons Land of Toys is not as much a safe place due to the huge amount of Raptor Bots that
    infest the area.

    The world has a theme where a green sky is shown with a yellowish fog and this has its representation of Green = Go "Energy" / Yellow = Happy".

    This world is too far and getting there is not easy it is also known as the Toy Desert.​
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    New World: Temporal Sands

    Temporal Sands is a world where Time and Phenomenon occur these worlds belonged to Time.

    These worlds are not so well known as to what they are about and only Time knows as he is the only way out because there are no teleporters
    in these mysterious worlds.

    The land is made up of Clocks and Machinery these worlds tend to lean on more of the Pay Attention to the Surroundings.

    From Time to Ed.. Ed offered Time a place of his own if he changes his freak experiment ways but it turns out he never did so Ed
    reclaimed his world and Time no longer has any domain over it, this is why Times worlds are now available and Henry makes it in them
    as they originally where blocked.

    In Temporal Sands you visit three different time related worlds making it one of the few levels with 3 unique levels of their own.​
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    Who is Bellissa?

    Bellissa is a girl who enjoys to listen to music she absolutely loves Henry, Bellissas family comes from "Italia" Italy and she is from Enchantium.

    Bellissa is a fairly mysterious character as not much is known about her but the one thing she is well known for is her enjoyment of music.

    In the world of Enchantium the music is mostly Classical or Classical like the music that exists in Enchantium is not the same as Earths
    the headphones that Bellissa use are extremely special and they play using special Crystals that reproduce the most beautiful sound.

    The crystals that are used to play music also contribute to Wireless playback and it does not cause any harm to the listener it infact heals
    the listener with its splendid frequency that only does good to the listener and can heal as well.

    Bellissa and Henry tend to listen to alot of Classical music together and she enjoys to also grab her special Speakers that can also blast
    delightful sound the sound is so pure it can even help fruits grow faster Bellissa blasts her music on her dads garden alot for that reason.

    The diamonds of music are also the energy source for the audio device.

    Bellissas dad has a history of leaving the city and moving to a rural area to get to growing his own fruits such as delicious green grapes and
    her dad did not regret leaving the city to be in more rural areas he grew tired of the city and left Milan.

    *Delightful repair*
    "Henry: Its a good day for some music dont you think so?"
    "Bellissa: Sì mio caro bambino any day is great with you"
    "Henry: What are those?"
    "Bellissa: My headphones and im going to put them on you so you can heal"
    "Henry: Well i am tired so a soothing song wont hurt"
    "Bellissa: Si amore mio.. relax and let it heal you"
    "Bellissa: Listen to my heart beat, let me hear your heart beat, let me change your heart beat..."

    *Sounds like a insult*
    *The gang are all bored during a hot day inside Planks house*
    "Plank: Tios, we are bored stupid lets do something!!"
    "Henry: But its too boring and i dont want to do anything"
    "Swan: Im to bored sweeties and its mighty awful outside..."
    "Bellissa: Let me put some music on for all of us"
    "Plank: Ehh like what? you seem so confident on it working"
    "Bellissa: The melodies can heal any boredom.. che carino"
    "Plank: Si.. pretty music sounds good"
    "Bellissa: Its very pretty Planky.. ragazzo sciocco"
    "Swan: Ha thats funny you two"
    "Bellissa: Il play the music for you all and i will bake Henry a chocolate cake"

    Developer Note: Bellissa is by far a very special character.. Originally a simple guest character im planning on giving her a much
    bigger presence in the game along with Henry.


    Fantastical and the progression of the game

    Fantastical is going through a few bumps unfortunately but the game is getting there the project is however in a very satisfying state for example the
    level count in the game have increased even more and the games trailer is planned a earlier version of the trailer was being worked on but was halted to focus
    on some crucial parts of the game currently.

    I will reveal some more content later.

    - Ernesto Marquez.
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    Hello everyone,

    So today I am going to talk a bit more about one of my games few features that where ment to be in the center of it from the start.

    Fantastical Version 0

    Fantastical Version 0 refers to the very first few demos of the game when the game had a much different approach to its design and how the game was suppose to be
    this included Destruction and Destruction was a huge deal back then.


    Since the start one of the unique design decisions for Fantasticals first levels was that it was going to be set with destruction in mind.

    However back then Fantastical was not the most efficient or fastest thing so the destruction was abandoned for some time until I would feel its alright
    to revisit the destruction idea again.

    I am finding new ways to reintroduce my desire of making Destruction a part of my game again and thanks to my latest optimizations it fits well with the game.

    So the above image.. what is it? Its one of few tests for destruction where multiple chunks are fallen apart.

    The level of Destruction is a bit too ambitious but im working on ways to add it properly for example destroyed chunks do not end they live forever as long as
    you are in the level.

    Destruction can also be used in a new way in the game and that is to do things like make door ways or worse a limited protection that enemies can take down
    and a few other ways that im working on, it can create interesting scenarios where a broken chunk of wall can be cut in certain ways or even with
    Henrys uppercut be thrown at a certain direction like at other destructible items and they will receive damage depending on how fragile it is.

    Performance how does it play in the game and will it cost a lot? -- No.. im ambitious and I am making sure its very cheap and these brick walls have a
    Cell count of 150 and that number will go up and also the game is in 4K leaving the forever crumbled parts and playing the level does not cause
    any performance slowdowns its fairly cheap and im trying my best to make sure it stays that way.

    Destruction was there since the start of the game and its comeback is getting excited since i have found new ways to work with the

    Another Enemy

    Raptor Bots are great to destroy but looks like I may have a new enemy up my sleeves to bring to this world.

    These enemies are codenamed "B.F.F" sounds like Best Friend Forever... but its not these new enemies are planned to be much
    harder to kill than Raptor Bots these new enemies will be introduced later on.

    "???: I hope you dont expect us to go easy on you..."
    "??? 2: I bet he does"
    "??? 3: *Giggle* I bet he is but we wont"
    "???: Target is in sight lets take him down and to the boss"

    More about the new enemy later on..

    Fantastical coming soon |

    - Ernesto Marquez.​
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    New World : Astaluna

    In this screenshot you can see Henry in a world that looks pretty normal to ours this place is Called Astaluna which is a small desert mountain town. In this world Henry is prisoned but makes it out by crossing through a super natural portal called Gold Arches.

    WHATS THIS WORLD ABOUT: The world is simple, boring, symmetrical, Normal Suburban neighborhood and Henrys School is down the street to the right. In this world simplicity is key to keeping Henry prison and not allowing him to question his False world this was extremely genius because Henry almost never bothered to care about leaving his Mountain Town because its simple and its full of happiness and good times and he knows the entire neighborhood so he couldn't imagine leaving this place.

    But Henry at times did question his world according to him he remembers going to a cave by the lower mountains with his false parents and a few friends in a camping trip and a few years later he returned to that same spot only to discover that it was gone even his friends and family dont remember going to a trip he clearly remembers.

    The clever thing the Villain did was make Henry have Memories of being Born in this world further making him accept this false reality.
    The one thing Henry can do that the villain simply cant is restrain his freedom of will, Henry is a dedicated boy if he wanted to he could cross the mountains if you pay attention the Mountains are the biggest and the farthest obstacles for him to cross but what will happen if he did cross it? Henry will see that there is nothing else out there but pure black and he will question his reality Who am I? Whats Going On? or worse Who made this world? this will break his matrix and he will realize that this world is fake and will wake up.

    In True World everyone knows their crerator and that all is good but in this world its too restricted and its a complete lie.

    - Fantastical coming soon.
    - Ernesto Marquez.​
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    New World Revealed "World of Sweets"

    In this world we see lots of delicious candy , cake , ice cream and more for anyone to eat.

    This world is called "World of Sweets" and these worlds take on a Happier and sweeter look but in reality these worlds are much more brutal and will required the player to take serious risks in order to succeed.

    This world is far and very dangerous accessing the world isnt exactly the easiest either.

    Get ready for a challenge!!

    Fantastical more coming soon

    - Ernesto Marquez.​
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    Picture of the Moment
    Why is chocolate so important?

    Chocolate.. the real stuff not the processed nonsense!.. is very good for Henry the deliciousness of the chocolate is slightly bitter but tasty
    not only is Chocolate so good its Henrys healing ability thanks to Elektra who makes them just for him.

    These pieces of Chocolate are hard to find in some cases so these tasty treats encourage Henry to explore the world in order to find some
    and to heal as well.. they are scattered all over the worlds he visits.

    So lads you must keep an eye out for these pieces of chocolate they are not easy to find but it encourages you to look for them.

    From the delicious Cacao pieces of chocolates to other favorites like Fizzy drinks nothing beats Chocolate in Enchantium.

    Featured: Henry and a piece of Chocolate.

    New Experimentation for Fantastical.

    When a special Experiment build of the game is in place this is always good news as im trying to come up with new ways to improve the game.

    - New and Improved Graphical quality: Fantasticals graphical features are being revamped and further improved in order to improve efficiency.

    - Destruction: Destruction is being reintroduced back into the game from its old first build so far the tests are going well but its still experimental.

    - DirectX 12 Testing: Despite this originally being the planned API it has been slightly disappointing to use DX12 however new tests are being worked on
    to see just how much more i can get out of the API.

    - 60 FPS all the time and Graphical Tweaks: 60FPS is a priority and the demand for it is not as much with things like 1080p the final default look is still being
    settled on but the good news is that 60FPS is the solid target and you dont need to go overkill to run the game with it even at 4K.
    "Features such as Motion Blur are now Luxury features as i continue to improve sadly some things did get heavier and Motion Blur is much more richer this
    results in it being one of the most expensive features in the game but the game does not default with Motion Blur so its completely a option to use"

    I love to experiment and i always try to look for ways to add more to the game and so far its been crazy but new things are coming to mind for the development
    of my game.

    More coming soon.
    - Ernesto Marquez.
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    Hello Everyone

    So today i have some new info to share about my game Fantastical.

    The Unlock Dare!

    Fantastical is loaded with more than 22 levels full of Beat Em Up / Platforming goodness mostly Beat Em Up!!

    5 secret Platforming levels can be unlocked in the game to add some more extra platforming goodness to your play.

    How can i unlock these levels? : You must follow the games instructions to unlock these rewards for you to play and try em.

    These platform levels are fun and have a unique look to em but they are ment to be unlockables and are not Campaign related at all.

    Example one:
    You must complete ONE world in a certain wa
    y in order to access that level in question you seek to play.

    In order to access these levels you need to first understand that the game can mention a level that you may or may not have visited
    BEWARE! If the game tells to do a certain task in say "Celestina" and you already completed that level without completing the task
    you already missed your chance to unlock that level.

    "Can i unlock a secret level by completing the entire game?" : If the task admits to it being a possibility.

    I will share more about these levels another time.​
    Image of the moment

    What is it about? This image depicts five of my characters Henry , Bellissa , Plank , Swan and Eleni.

    This image shows my characters in a world called "Ice Cream Sandwich Islands and Gumdrop Isles" a Arch failed and took Henry and his friends here
    the world is depicted in a unhappy and mostly vicious appearance with violent waves of Chocolate milk splashing giant Ice Cream Sandwich like pieces
    of land the world depicts "Sweet gone Sour" as Fantastical is extremely surreal and my artwork shows this in a unique way.

    Our Hero Henry is awaiting for his Fairy Mother to pick all of them up from the island if you see Plank flashing his light in the sky in the form of a
    beacon even Eleni who is the only character with Flight capabilities does not like the world but because Henry is there she wont leave him.

    With a menacing sky above and vicious Choco splashing and banging the giant dessert world our Hero and his friends remain very calm
    as Henrys transportation arrives for them all.

    Not everyone thinks a Candy like world is sweet..

    Fantastical By:Ernesto Marquez. |
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    Now imagine this your in a level where its mostly platforming and the only way out is to escalate higher well this is one of those levels this is called "7 Layers of Hell Cake".

    7 Layers of Hell Cake "NO RELATION TO ANY OF MY FOOD WORLDS" is one of few platforming levels that you can play as the big difference is the levels have no enemies but except the level IS THE ENEMY.

    The twist is you have to get up high to the golden arch so you may progress on to a new world to continue on 7 Layers puts you in a place where the level gets more deadlier the higher you climb and the levels layout gets confusing the higher you go and in some cases you be afraid to proceed on because one wrong leap you will have to start all over.

    7 Layers of Hell Cake

    Now... here is one of those cases in the game where these kinds of worlds are simply not the design of the top creators such as Ed this is a world made by the enemy.

    The enemy knows Henry is on his way but what better way to stop him than to make these worlds that simply put him in a higher chance of being captured,
    Henry is capable of going through these worlds but they are simply not easy in many cases some worlds can be much more deadlier at start also but in
    this case the worlds can also lead you to confusion "Where to go next? Will i fall here? etc..".

    This is a platforming mostly/only world that is not locked but part of the games campaign mode.

    Mastering Henrys Speed, Jumps and proper timing are massively critical to succeeding in these worlds.

    More content coming soon.

    Fantastical By:Ernesto Marquez. |
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    A brand new update

    Hello everyone and for today i have some new info on my game Fantastical.

    Its been a good long while for getting some experimentation going and so far the results are very good.

    Fantastical Version 3 "Experimental".

    So one of the big challenges was to make Fantastical much more faster and efficient and so far this has come a very long
    way and the game is getting much higher frame rates making it fast is always a plus but the game has other tricks up its sleeve
    for why its getting much more faster.

    The game is aiming for the next generation for Windows 10 but along side it MAY be a Console version this is also one reason why i have
    been working on speeding up the game as for it being on a console and well lets face it the static boxes are not as powerful so
    i have to come up with multiple ways to get it to run on it and the previous version all be it more faster then the old version
    including the Demo version was not cutting it as much.

    The goal is pumping up more speed into the game this has proven to be a success.

    The new upcoming move or move(s)

    The game gives players 4 attacks "Punch , UpperCut , Body Slam and a Super Punch like attack by bombarding the X button so i have
    been thinking about increasing the attacks by 1 or 2 more and so far i have had a brand new attack on mind lately and i am planning to make
    it a reality to add to the games current list.

    Buttons are a issue since all of the face buttons are taken i was thinking about doing it in a more clunky way "X+B" but it just didnt feel
    nature so im still thinking on how to assign this to a button or Trigger, i will reveal the new attack another time.

    DirectX 12

    Fantastical is now ready to go with DirectX 12 as its default API.

    More content to be shared later on.

    - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

    Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.
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    New Preview content.

    New Boss Character Revealed "Eerie".
    Who is Eerie?

    Eerie is a "Lethal Weapon" created by the games villain to defeat Henry and this character is a Boss who you will encounter in the

    Eerie is a demon like creature but he is not alone Eerie has his minions looking for Henry to take him down just like Raptor Bots and these new
    enemies are interested in a good fight, Eerie is one serious brute he is sure to give Henry a hard time.

    This ghost demon like creature is not good and must be taken down Eerie actually has no ability to see but has the ability to sense this character
    is very fast delivers a serious punch.

    To unlock this Lethal Weapon boss fight... you must progress on the game and you best Master Henrys skills and beware of his minions on other worlds
    as they look feverishly for you.

    More content to be shared later on.

    - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

    Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.
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    Fantastical Version 3

    The new version of my game is kicking in very well with tons going on but im still debating on its solidity but here is some brief content.

    Global Illumination comes to Fantastical
    Fantastical pushes graphical features hard and one of the few features i been after was Global Illumination.. granted the game had GI but it was very weak and it sure didnt do much justice in even the Demo version so it was a real weak effect.

    So i decided to add SSGI in the game to add some more advanced lighting features in my game and this is so far paying off, the feature has been on the game for a while now resulting in some wonderful lighting effects.

    Whilst a nice feature this thing is expensive so i had to do alot of experimentation to get this to fit on my game scenes where more characters are present can be a problem since they are so expensive and not counting other pricey features, i managed to get this to run with Factory settings specially set for the game and of course the big challenge... 60FPS this is crucial to Fantastical 60 is a must for my game and its working well so far and of course the game is getting improved more and more.

    The following image shows Henry in a GI ready level you can see the wonders of this feature as the light bounces all over the world and carries
    hues , brightness and such all over the scene.

    Much more content to be shared later on.

    - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

    Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.
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    So far Fantastical is seeing some good development progress and the game continues its development.

    Some new mechanics have been in the works for a long time now and when they feel just right i will reveal them
    they are not quite ready just yet.

    Console Version Cancelled "Xbox One"
    One of the latest situations involved porting Fantastical to the Xbox One and unfortunately the Xbox One version of
    Fantastical was a complete failure i really underestimated my own games demand and if playing Crysis 3 on PS3 or Xbox 360
    was a solid play than this game could be similar but worse.

    Fantastical is simply too GPU demanding and as it progress onward it will only get more and more
    GPU dependent the Xbox Ones GPU was simply not enough to run a test level of Fantastical and dropped at the 18 FPS
    on a level that was barely 50% complete and if Grass was drawn.. it would go even lower.. so this
    ment cancelling all plans for a Xbox port and current gen consoles and to
    simply stick to PC and really no console can run this game.

    IMAGE DEPICTED: "Hello From Enchantium".

    In the current image Henry is in one of the very early worlds of Fantastical.

    Things are getting Spicy!! so more to come later.

    - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

    Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.
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    Some new content to share about my game.



    The Hud and its improvements "EXPERIMENTAL"

    The new Hud in Fantastical is almost final but it still needs some improvements.

    What does it do?

    The game depicts 6 bars and all of them have their purpose:

    1. Chocolate: The Chocolate bar indicates Henrys health
    2. Rage Meter: The Rage Meter is a very heavy meter that requires the player to bombard the X button or "Pound" the
    meter when full will activate Henrys much stronger Punch.
    3. Penalty: The Penalty bar is exclusive to a very Heavy move such as Henrys Body Slam attack when done the meter will
    refill after a certain amount of time.

    What about the other meters?

    The other 3 meters are very complex and im still debating about keeping them, so basically the 3 other meters indicate "TURBINE"
    Turbine is a necessity in the game in order to travel as some levels are pretty large this is suppose to help remedy the long
    run time that Henry has to go through.

    The Vertical Meter indicates Speed limit reach when its down your slow back to Walking resulting in a "SPEED HICCUP"

    The Long Blue meter slowly depletes when its in the middle Henrys high speed
    is halfed and it creates what is called a "Precious Rush" and this is vital but extremely hard to keep.

    The last short Green bar indicates "Last Warning" why is it called that? Last Warning is one other way to maintain speed
    as long as its full and the blue meter is at least 50% full that can keep Henry going further "Precious Rush".

    If you dont use this properly it causes "SPEED HICCUPS" that will cut off Henrys full speed resulting in walking.

    Now the thing about this Mechanic is that it is so hard to use and its very complex and this is without explaining its
    invisible meters as well.

    ... So its basically for Turbine its a very hard mechanic to explain and its not even final.

    The hud is still in development and im still trying to finalize it.


    Other features still in development

    There are some big changes close to being final im still working on it aint easy but its getting there experiments
    are vital to my work and so far im pleased with how they are coming out.


    In this image "Henry in the Life Garden" , "Polska".

    The image is a series of other versions depicting my characters.


    Fancy a challenge?
    Play the Free Demo available now on the Microsoft Store.


    - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

    Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.

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