Ever wanted to work on a Brawler fighting game?

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    Nov 21, 2016
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    Hey guys!

    My name is Maxime Bolduc and I'm currently working alone on a fantasy brawler action game called Brawl Legacy. (Note that the visual asset at the link hasn't been updated yet for the newer assets as they are still in production.)

    The project isn't new as I previously tried to launch it a bit less than 2 years ago, but faced many issues that made it impossible for me to keep at it (both personal and technical). Good thing is that, since back then, things have greatly changed for the better and I'm able to work again on the project.

    I'll save you some reading of the link above. The game is something alike to Super Smash Bros by Nintendo in term of controls and level/combat system, but for the rest, it's much closer to Soul Calibur by Project Soul (Namco) where the player customize their character which change their combat capacities (with things such as class, race, weapon types, armors with different effects, etc.)

    I know that it might sound extreme and complex... especially since I'm facing this challenge alone (for now at least), but I have been working on how to simplify whatever can be simplify over the last year. Today, it's a project that can be produced by 1 generalist developer such as me, but at the same time we all now everyone has a limit that he or she can accomplish within a given time.

    I'm looking at the potential of building a team for this project because I want it to succeed as much as possible. In 3 weeks, I'm launching a Kickstarter campaign which will put a clear view on what I'll do with the project : Working on it full time, with a team or as a side-project because it failed and I got to obviously gain money to pay the living expenses. During a big part of those 3 weeks, I'm working full time on the project so that I can release a cool preview tech-demo that everyone will be able to try which will also act as a proof that I can do it alone if needed. (Well, I have been at it for the whole month of November so nothing new here.)

    Still, more people means more can be done and that would also means less production related stress from me.

    If you feel interested and wish to know more, there's the kind of features/content that will be in the game :
    • Obviously, 3D models and textures of all kinds.
    • A complex UI system that can adjust to many screens. (Minimum of 800x600, max of 4K)
    • The game is being made with, in mind, a light rendering system so that low-end PC can still run it.
    • Due to the previous point, the game is made in Unity with a Forward Rendering Path architecture.
    • The game includes both local (up to 4 players) and online (Unet) multiplayer.
    Can have up to 4 local (1keyboard + 3 controller or 4 controllers) or replace any of the 3 additional players with a remote players on remote PC. Currently, online is LAN-only, but depending on the Kickstarter result, it could become LAN + Dedicated Server.

    The kind of artists I could really have assistance from as those are my main weakness at the moment :
    • Audio related artists.
    Currently, I'm using licensed sounds from a huge sounds bank I bought and Royalty Free for Commercial soundtracks from artists who agree that I use their work as is.)
    • Network optimizing programmers.
    I'm fairly new to Network (Unet in this case), but have been deeply studying all the documentation. Currently, the project works online, but it's still too early to confirm it as bug-free nor stable.
    • AI programmers.
    I haven't been working on the AI yet as the characters models for the customization aren't completed yet. Gonna do at least a couple of sets of equipment before touching that part.

    Feel free to PM me for any questions or if you're interested in the project.

    Have a nice and productive week!
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    Oct 13, 2016
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    I've sent a message through

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