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    Hello all.

    Since about nine months ago, me and a couple of friends decided to learn unity and make a game.
    Apart from Unity, we had to learn some programming, then we had to learn 3d modeling, animations, texturing... it was a long adventure. At a certain point some of us gave up...

    But slowly, we keep the work going, and we hope, that one day, we will bring to life a piece of Art. Until then, we'll struggle with baby steps.

    If some of you guys, have some time to spare, you can check out our game(v002) and give us some feedback.

    Game Url:
    System Requirements: Windows only at the momment. Should run on any kind of PC.
    Feedback Details: We would mostly be interested in feedback about the world and art style. But any feedback is welcome!

    Controls are explained in the "options" menu.

    Known Issues:
    -Clumsy Movement
    -Some short spikes in frames in the second world until the world completes generating itself around the player.
    -Saving the game in the first world won't load propperly
    -you can multi jump, it is intended for now for better exploration.
    -menus don't lock camera, movement and spells
    -spells don't cost anything
    -at a certain distance, zombies stand still on their feet even though they just died, or if they are coming towards you.
    -trees in water (whaat?)
    -some terrain parts still has some blue textures on them(needed for development purposes, forgot to remove)

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