[Equity + Rev-Share] A Roguelike MMORPG, A-Life, strategy and a blockchain

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    Name: Smart Monsters

    Genre: Completely unique, it combines elements of a Roguelike MMORPG, an A-Life simulation and a slow-moving turn based strategy game.

    The game client looks like a coin wallet that happens to have a "Game" tab. It *is* one. All communication between clients is done through a blockchain.


    A test version is online, the client (Windows/Linux) can be downloaded here: https://smartmonsters.github.io/Manual4.html

    Design decisions:

    Not pay2win: Only in-game gold from retired player characters continues to exist as a cryptocurrency.
    A small amount is needed to make new characters, limiting how many can exist in the game world.

    Players don't micromanage: The game world is persistent forever and always active (because blockchain).
    Therefore players can only give overarching orders, like what to equip, and where to go and fight tomorrow.

    The game aims to be a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) owned by all players. It has a voting system with the power to administer funds that the DAO owns, and to tweak critical parameters of the in-game economy, e.g. should PCs pay upkeep or is it better to deal with the game being overcrowded?

    Method of choice to share revenue is through distribution of pre-mined coins. In the beginning, everyone willing to help will get an equal share. (The Todo list is long and diverse)

    Nothing has been distributed yet.

    To speed things up, send me a SmartMonsters testnet address to get an already leveled up character in return, and do some playtesting, To get equity (coins in the final mainnet blockchain), you must be able to use the voting system.

    Thanks for reading.
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