Electrobe Interactive is seeking Serious Indie Devs [REVSHARE]

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    We now have a Music Composer but we're looking for at least 1 more Modeler, Texture Artist, and Programmer if anyone is interested.

    Hey Guys and Gals, I'm Kade and I am the founder of Electrobe Interactive (Visit Link to see Current ongoing Project).

    What I am looking for is some help mainly with Modeling, Texturing, Programming, and Music so if anyone's interested feel free to talk to me. I do have this all planned out fairly well on the back end with Trello and Documents for planning, Social Media to build hype, and Box containing the existing project files. Once I have enough together for a playable alpha if I think it's good enough it will be launched on Kickstarter to hopefully gain funding to purchase what is necessary to help finish and improve the game as well as pay for the efforts of those whom have helped with the development. At that point it will also be launched on Steam and other Systems. I am very willing to share the profit if it becomes profitable with those who helped out.

    The idea for our current game is pretty much one that allows players to construct weapons and objects to go to war against other players.

    As of right now I can model decently and have been using blender. I have Mixamo Fuse and plan to use that to make the animation process smoother. Where I lack right now is programming and texturing although I've been spending some time lately to learn to texture my models. Also there is no music yet. I've slowly been putting things together and am planning on building the game world very soon.

    I've been spending a lot of time this last year learning game design as best I can and as of a few months ago I started a game project of my own. At the moment its me and two other guys who have been helping a little bit here and there but not as much as I had hoped for since right now I feel like I am pretty much going at it solo. Either way though it hasn't stopped me and I've been going at it as best and as often as I can.

    However, I am also willing to work on various projects with others in return for helping me or even starting a new team project together in some way shape or form. I'm 34 years old with a life, a job, and kids so I am extremely serious and I don't have time to be wasted unless it's work,life, or taking a minor break or spending a little bit of time learning stuff to move forward with development. I am looking for serious people only so if I suspect that you're wasting my time you will be ignored.

    If you are seriously interested you may send a message to me here, contact me at deygus@gmail.com, or alternatively just send a message at my game studio facebook page.
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